twelve BIG goals

OK, here goes.

2013 is just around the corner and instead of making a long list of vague goals for the new year, I’ve been inspired by well in L.A. to make 12 BIG goals and mindfully practice each of them for 30 days. This way I can truly focus on the things that are important – one month at a time.   I’ve already set my goal for January and am brainstorming on what my other 11  goals will be. I have some ideas in mind but, I don’t want to get locked into a rigid schedule. I plan to keep it flexible and choose my goals to fit what my body and mind need each month. Overall, the focus will be on improving my well being – be it walking, yoga, meditation or simply flossing for 30 days.

I’m kicking January off with a tough one…. a Whole30. This means no gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, alcohol, legumes or white potatoes (among other things). I’ve been following this plan in varying degrees for almost a year but have yet to get strict about it. I’m hoping that taking this on will further prove the benefits of this lifestyle. Most importantly I am in it for the increased energy – I need more especially during the winter.



Luckily I’m not alone. One of my best friends will be suffering right alongside me and my gym is doing a nutritional challenge complete with a hydrostatic body fat measurement (yikes) before and after. I feel like this is meant to be. Inspiration to keep going from all angles. Let’s do this!


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