gizmos and gadgets

While starting a Whole30 is daunting, I have to remember that I’ve been cooking more or less this way (definitely less lately – thank you holidays) for the last 8 months. I’m pulling together my favorite gadgets that I pan to utilize to ensure that I don’t burn the kitchen down and wind up with some delicious meals for the next month.

1. Citrus Reamer – (I actually had to look up what this thing is called) This is so handy especially for making dressings and marinades. Plus I get about 2x more juice out of my lemons and limes so it’s economical to boot! Double whammy!

2. Slow Cooker – We recently started getting monthly meat deliveries from a local farm which means we get a surprise mix bag of cuts. Slow cooking is perfect for those tough cuts. Plus, who doesn’t love coming home to a meal that’s ready to go?

3. Mandoline Slicer – I’m kind of cheating in adding this being that I just got it for Christmas. If I can somehow manage to not cut my fingers off (thing has about a dozen warning labels), I plan on making sweet potato fries like they’re going out of style. My addiction.

4. Cast Iron Pan – I’ve slowly grown quite attached to this pan. We started scrubbing ours with salt which has given it a really nice season that adds flavor when browning meat.

5. Spices – Speaking of flavor…while I truly think that veggies shine with minimal ingredients (olive oil, salt and pepper are **magical**), sometimes it’s nice to mix it up with spices. Here’s my packed and highly unorganized spice cabinet that I plan to rummage through on the daily.

spice cabinet

6. Cookbooks – My inspiration in the kitchen doesn’t last long until I turn to hard boiled eggs and nuts for every meal. To help me I’ll turn to a couple of my favorite cookbooks.



7. Blogs! – I love blogs. Can’t get enough. Here are some that I’ll be checking in on. Some are following a Whole 30 and some aren’t. Some are new to me and some aren’t.

Holly Would If She Could


Nom Nom Paleo

Whole9 Blog

The Clothes Make the Girl

Comfy Belly

Awkward Girl Gets Fit

8. Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping Notepads – I love lists and I love checking boxes. I know that planning is going to be essential for a successful Whole30 and these are awesome for getting my mind organized.

12018_What-to-Eat_ 12252_HL_AllOutOf_Front

And that’s it. These are all super simple but all things that I will need to make it though. I’m actually a little excited to get going on this. Woooo!


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