the awesomeness

Didn’t someone, somewhere once say that in order to know where you’re going you have to know where you’ve been? Sounds like something from 8th grade history. Anyways, I thought it would be good to take a minute and reflect before blazing onward. I didn’t make any (or don’t remember them) goals at the beginning of 2012 so instead I’ll just summarize what I think was awesome about 2012 and what wasn’t so awesome.


Started Crossfit (technically, I had my first class in December of 2011) and have kept at it all year. I love it. I still get soooo nervous before a tough WOD but I love that it’s always a challenge, never boring and I feel stronger than I’ve ever been. I’d like to push myself harder and be a little more consistent at going 3x a week this year – but I have found that listening to my body is key. I rest when I need to – IdowutIwant.

Got engaged! Only took 9 years of dating but it happened and I couldn’t be more excited to marry my guy.

Took more graphic design classes. Loved Photoshop. Would love to take even more classes and maybe, one day, complete a certificate in graphic design.

Said NO more. I’m such a people pleaser sometimes but I’ve said “no” more this year and it is so so good for me. I need “me time” to recharge – probably more than most so I have to remember to make that time a top priority.

Started following a Paleo(ish) diet. I feel so much better (happy tummy, more energy, less hungry) when I eat this way and I’m looking forward to 30 days of strictly clean eating – starting tomorrow!

Continued with hot yoga about once a week (and even got my Mom hooked). It’s the yin to my Crossfit yang…..something like that. I would, however, like to explore some other types of yoga this year that don’t necessarily involve sweating till you can’t possibly sweat any more.

Tried climbing – got hooked. No, not the legit, mountain kind. Just at a gym where there are squishy pads to protect my fragile bones when I fall. Would like to continue doing this every now and again and I would like to stay open to opportunities like this to try new things.

Took some fun trips. Vegas a couple times, Chicago to visit my long lost BFF, Disneyland, Sunriver, and, camping for my birthday. Next year I’ll probably only take a couple trips – one being a honeymoon!!! Haaaay.


Saving – or lack there of. Started out okay and then BAM wedding expenses. Goodbye savings. Even with the wedding coming up I need to get this under control. I would really like to put a dent in those student loans that are just lingering FOOOOrrrrEVVvvER.

Reading has taken a back seat to sleeping which is good, I guess, but I think I could do with a bit less TV and a lot more quality time spent curling up with a book….or twenty-seven.

I’ve been struggling with staying in the moment and fully appreciating what I have in front of me. I’m a perpetual planner and sporadic goal setter which is good….sometimes but, I’d like to be more present and grateful for all the amazing things going on around me.

I’ve almost completely stopped running (except for as a part of WODs) and I’m still trying to determine whether or not I miss it and want it back in my routine.

There it is. When I look at this list it gets me jazzed (yes, jazzed!) for 2013 and my intention to do twelve 30 day challenges. The awesomeness of last year (and even the not-so-awesomeness) has guided many of my goals and therefore will shape my path forward. When I forget and wonder “what the what am I doing!??” I can look back here and see why.


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