whole30 day 5

Made it to day 5! This week I went to the doc for the cold that I’ve been battling and found out it’s a sinus infection. That means I’m now on antibiotics – pretty sure those aren’t Whole30 approved. Not exactly how I wanted my Whole30 to go but I guess you just can’t control ALL THE THINGS. I’m already feeling better and maybe even feeling a hint of that extra energy that everyone keeps talking about. YEaaaaah boyyyyyy.

Biggest challenge I overcame this week:


BOOM. Chocolate. Stout. Cake. Only all the best things in one enticing little package of tastiness.

I confronted and conquered a couple social challenges this week. One being my brother’s birthday (for which I thought it would be a good idea to make the cake for = DUMB) and the other, a casual get together with a friend. Like my typical worrywart-ing self, I was more nervous about the situations than need be. I took snacks to my brother’s birthday and broke out the tea when it came to cake time. I had my friend over for a Whole30 approved dinner SANS wine. I will survive!!

Now, if I could stop waking up feeling guilty because I dreamed that I accidentally ate something off plan that would be great.

Tomorrow will be for meal planning, grocery shopping and all that list making goodness but today I will go to yoga, relax and focus on today.




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