whole30 one week mark

One week down!! I’d like to give myself (and everyone out there committing to this challenge) a big ol’ pat on the back. It ain’t easy. It takes a lot of thought, planning and restraint. Really appreciated this post.

But, while it is a challenge, I do think that the hard work is already starting to pay off. My mind feels clearer, my jeans are a little less snug and I’ve been sleeping like a baby (and dreaming some really weird-o dreams!). I hope I’ll see some even bigger changes (PRs? pullups? bulging superwoman-like muscles??) when I finally kick the tail end of this cold and head back to the gym.

As a part of the nutritional challenge that my gym is doing I signed up to do a hydro-static body fat test. It was ummm…interesting? Nothing like stripping down to nearly nothing and dunking yourself in front of a stranger to wake a person up. The result? I’m 19% fat. I’m not really taking that number to heart or anything but I do think it will be a good baseline to measure against.

On another note. This deconstructed burger was AMAZING. Bacon sauteed onions. Guacamole. Tomato. YUM.


Here’s to another solid week of clean, yummy meals like this!


2 thoughts on “whole30 one week mark

  1. Fried onions, guac, and bacon! Those 3 things can make pretty much anything better 🙂

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