whole30 half way!

On Tuesday I hit the halfway mark! I’m also off the meds. No more antibiotics for this girl! Days 7-17 went by pretty smoothly. I’m finally getting back to the gym which hurts so good. I’ve also realized that I need more starchy veggies than I had previously been eating which means I now feel fuller longer. YES.

This routine is starting to feel normal-ish. By far the hardest challenges have been social events.


We went snowboarding last weekend and after coming off the mountain, it was so damn hard to NOT wash down something greasy and incredibly non-paleo with a beer. Instead, I had my packed snacks (lunch meat, veggies, cashews) and ended the day with a hot cup of peppermint tea. This is one instance where I would normally just go off plan – and I probably still will in the future. To me, it’s part of the experience and completely worth it.

I’m really struggling with the social aspect of this challenge. I find myself wanting to avoid gatherings all together which really makes me sad and frustrated. I’m learning that in social settings I tend to use food and drink as my crutch.

Nothing to talk about? Dig into your food.

Feeling shy or awkward? Order a beverage.

With a bunch of social events lined up for this weekend I’m trying to plan ahead so I can still enjoy the company AND keep myself on track.

Here’s my plan.

Tonight: Trivia night at an Irish bar.

Plan: Eat something quick before getting to the bar so that I’m not hungry. Check the menu ahead of time and if possible, pick something that I can order. Drink a club soda with lime. Act cool. Ace the trivia.


Friday Night: Host friends for a party.

Plan: Eat something substantial before guests arrive. Make some snacks that can be paleo-ized for guests. Buffalo chicken bites, guacamole + salsa + chopped veggies (+chips for the non-paleos). Invite Whole30 partner in crime so as not to be the only sober one at the party. Drink some sort of mocktail creation. Wake up Saturday morning feeling like a champ!


Next Week: Another snowboarding trip.

Plan: Similar to my plan above but with a couple tweaks. Eat a ginormous breakfast. Bring lunch but pack something more substantial this time. Maybe even something hot that will warm me up at lunchtime. I was SO cold last trip. Shred the gnar bro.



4 thoughts on “whole30 half way!

  1. I am right there with you. I was just about to write a similar post. Things have been going well until I got over my cold and my social life started up again. Thankfully I learned from my last Whole30 experience to be prepared. So I brought a Lara bar to a baby shower I had, and served Whole30 approved foods at a dinner party I gave. My only problem still is what to do when eating out? I managed to drink water at the bar with friends (not so much fun…) but couldn’t for the life of me figure out what to order at dinner. Monday’s dinner was nothing but oysters (only thing Whole30 on the menu) and last night I ordered a salad with no dressing. Trying to decide just how picky I need to be while still enjoying myself.

    • danielle says:

      I feel your pain! With eating out I feel like I’m navigating some sort of booby trapped obstacle course. I have dreams/nightmares about choosing the wrong thing! I think the thing I’m always most worried about is whether or not that steak, chicken, whatever was cooked in some sort of non compliant oil. Is that going too far? I’ve done the salad thing and asked for lemon and olive oil for dressing but other than that I haven’t eaten anything at a restaurant. I checked the Irish bar menu and it looks it’ll be club soda for me tonight.:)

      • And the worst part is yes, it probably was cooked in somethign non compliant! I’ve been fairly strict, but some canola oil was in my life this week… I’m not letting it bother me. I know I’m eating so much cleaner than ever before! And if nothing else, I’m really learning how much crap is in everything so I will be way more educated about my food choices from now on.

      • danielle says:

        I know I’m eating so much cleaner than ever before!

        I think that’s what really matters here 🙂

        That is a really good reminder – sometimes you have to step back and look at the big picture. This experience has been SO eye opening to the amount of sneaky sugar/grain/crappy stuff in our food. It’s out of control I tell ya.

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