5 reasons to love whole30

Whenever I describe Whole30 to people their reaction is usually “WOW I couldn’t ever do that”. I usually agree and say “yeahhh it’s HARD” (and it is hard!!) but there are also some great things about it. Too often I think it’s easy to focus on what is hard or annoying about a situation – I know I do it all the time. So in an effort to up the positivity and enjoy the now, here is my list of things that I’m really loving about all this clean eating I’ve been doing and things that I hope I’ll keep in mind in the future.

1. I can justify a little bit (ok a lot) of a mess in the kitchen – I’m not gonna lie, it’s gotten a little out of hand but, at least now I can look at that big hot mess as a reminder of all the great work I’ve been doing in the kitchen. I’ll get around to doing those dishes…..eventually.

2. I’m not spending money on eating out. Who doesn’t like saving a little money? I’m also realizing just how often doing so had become a habit.

3. Eating really well is a privilege and doing this Whole30 makes me appreciate that I can get a wide variety of produce grown organically and meat that is raised well. Not everyone has the option to do so and I hope I will keep that in mind and be a little more thankful when I have to eat my veggies.

4. This is a stark reminder that all those little sneaks add up. A handful of chocolate chips here, greasy appetizer there and before you know it, I’ve eliminated some of the benefits of all those well prepared meals. Not that I won’t continue enjoying certain non-paleo things when I feel like it’s worth it but, I think I’ll be more mindful about what is actually worth it.

5. A lot of my friendships/relationships revolve around dining out. The Whole30 is reminding me that there are so many other things to do with peeps I love. I actually made myself a giant list of non-foodn’drinks activities to do with my friends and plan to change things up more often. Go on walks/hikes, cook meals together, play games, have a spa day, see a movie/play.


2 thoughts on “5 reasons to love whole30

  1. I love this list! I’m definitely saving on not eating out… although I’m dreaming of going out to dinner after this is over haha. We have some gift cards from Christmas, so at least we don’t be spending extra cash.

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