whole30 one week to go

Only (less than) one week to go! I’m excited and mostly proud. Proud I didn’t cave when I really wanted to and proud that I haven’t bitten off anyone’s arm (yet)  in the process. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and everything from here on out seems like a piece of cake…err…steak. 🙂

I was considering extending my whole30 for another 30 days (in part because I’m somewhat terrified that I’ll go off the deep end and in part because I’m a little crazy) but I really want to give my focus to my next big challenge and maintain a little balance. I also don’t want to completely go back to my pre Whole30 days (which weren’t SO terrible if you ignore the last couple months of 2012) so I’ll make a compromise for February.  Instead of extending another completely strict 30 days I’m going to do a couple of things…

A) Follow the reintroduction plan in It Starts With Food to determine what, if anything, I react most poorly to.

B) Set myself some “Whole30 Light” rules. Anything I react poorly to during reintro is out. “In” is wine but never more than 2 glasses. “Out” is any sort of fried food – ya hear that french fries?? Everything else will be in moderation.

My hope is that after this challenge (and my other 11 challenges) I won’t completely forget about it after the 30 days is up. I hope a bit of each challenge lingers with me throughout the year and helps guide me in making all kinds of little decisions that benefit my mind, body and spirit.





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