on to the next one








Today it’s on to the next one, (oh Jay, how I adore you) next 30 day challenge, that is.

My next 30 day challenge will be 30 days of meditation.


For starters, there is tons of research to suggest it’s benefits.

Secondly, meditation is something I’ve always been kind of curious about. I have a pretty busy mind, always planning for the next thing, worrying up a storm and way too dependent on the instant gratification that is the internet, social media, etc. Daily meditation will mean stopping and focusing on the now which is something I don’t do often enough.

Last November I dipped my toe in when I downloaded the Headspace app and even signed up for a  year-long subscription. Have I been using it? No, not really. I went though the program’s “Take 10” (ten days of 10 minute meditations) just fine. The next step is a “Take 15” and that’s were I kind of stopped. Ten minutes was easy to fit in but, for some reason, 15 seemed SOoooOO LONG. I mean, that’s a QUARTER of an hour! But to be real, I just didn’t want to make the time for it – even though I really enjoyed doing the first ten days.

A 30 day challenge seems like the perfect chance to give meditation a try and really commit to it. I’m not anticipating that I’ll turn into some spiritual, bangle-wearing hippy because that just isn’t me (although I do enjoy a good bangle) but here are some of the benefits I’d like to get out of doing this.

  • A overall feeling of calm
  • Better focus on the task at hand – less multi-tasking!
  • More empathy and acceptance for those around me
  • A greater sense of gratitude and contentment

Now to get my “om” on. 🙂


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