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texas red

Today is National Chili day. I just found out. Shouldn’t we all be getting the day off or something? Also, who the heck comes up with these food related national days??

Anyways, I helped Mike make a chili recipe last night so he could take it in for a chili cook off at work today (for National Chili day, of course). My Dad taught me from a young age that the best chili doesn’t include beans so this isn’t your standard chili recipe. It takes a little bit of extra effort but the depth and smokiness is totally worth it. It’s the real deal and I love it. It’s one I’m filing away for later use.


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weekend things

Last weekend I had the chance to go do Washington D.C. Mike was there for work and it was a long weekend so it was the perfect chance to get out of town for a bit. We stayed about a half hour or so out of the city so I took a couple days to just relax at the hotel while Mike worked and a couple days to see all the sights.





dogfish head


top to bottom: the white house by night (we got to see marine one land. so cool!) / the metro / breakfast and reading in bed. all. day. / mini wod / dogfish head (!!!) / gorgeous sunset ride home

meditation challenge: half way

My meditation challenge has been going strong since the beginning of February. It’s part of my goal to take on twelve thirty-day challenges in 2013. I’m right around the half way mark and I thought it would be a good spot to pause and write up how I feel about it and what I’ve been learning in the last couple weeks.


  • It’s easier than I thought it would be to make the time. Turns out 15 minutes isn’t that long after all. 🙂
  • My “Take15” will end on the 14th when I move to a “Take20” program which is 20 20-minute meditations. I sort of dread those extra 5 minutes.
  • I never avoid sitting down for my meditation but some days it’s definitely harder to tame my mind than others. Sometimes it’s just been a hectic day and sometimes it’s hard just because. It’s difficult to accept that all of my meditations won’t be perfect and that I just need to see the perfection in their imperfection. Cheesy but true.
  • Meditation doesn’t have to be first thing in the morning. It can still be beneficial when done at night. Some of my best sessions have been in the evening before bed.
  • Little pieces of my meditations have been making their way into my everyday life and I kinda like it. Taking a deep breath when I’m feeling overwhelmed, stopping to take stock of my body/mind/mood and feeling a tiny bit calmer when some idiot person cuts me off on the freeway.
  • What I eat is directly correlated to how well I focus. Being fresh off the whole30 challenge it’s very apparent that when I eat crap, my focus is terrible. My mind wanders and spins and never fully settles.
  • The Headspace app may sound dorky but it’s been a really great tool. Especially for someone who is new to the whole thing.

That’s it for now. I’m excited to see how the next couple weeks go and I’ll be sure to write up an “after action report” when my 30 days is up.

whole30 reintro: legume


For the last day of my Whole30 reintro plan I failed and did not add legumes back into my diet.


Well, first of all, I’m glad I’ve done the reintro thing (or at least attempted) but, I’ve discovered that I do not love documenting what I eat. Nor do I enjoy being overly prescriptive about what I must eat. It gets old real fast for me. A paleo style diet is already as prescriptive as I want to get.

Over the past year+ legumes have pretty much become non-existent in my diet so why introduce something that I’m not really planning on eating?? Right?!

Last but not least, the day that I had planned to do legumes was the day that my family and I were celebrating my mom’s birthday so, instead of reschedule it (so that I could enjoy some brownies, of course), I chose to just eliminate it. Long story short, I ate no legumes and those are my excuses. 🙂