whole30 reintro: dairy


Thursday I kicked off my reintroduction to non-Whole30 foods with dairy! The plan was to add a little dairy at each meal and see how my system would respond. I’ve never been a huge dairy lover when it comes to guzzling a glass of milk (gag) but I do miss cheese on eggs and the occasional dish of ice cream. I’m hoping my reaction is minimal so that I can enjoy those things once in a while.

Meal Plan

Breakfast – A little bit of greek yogurt with strawberries, cinnamon and an egg with sauteed spinach.


Snack – String cheese with an apple and pistachios.


Dinner – Zucchini lasagna (contains mozzarella and ricotta cheese).

The Verdict

I had a pretty upset tummy after the yogurt, no immediate response after the string cheese and again, an unhappy stomach post lasagna. I didn’t notice any other effects (no foggy head or tiredness) so in my book dairy will be in – occasionally and in small quantities. Now, when I decide to dive head first into a bowl of ice cream I’ll know what I’m in for.


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