whole30 reintro: gluten-free grains


As a part of my Whole30 reintro plan, Superbowl Sunday I reintroduced gluten free grains.

Meal Plan

Breakfast – Half a gf cinnamon raisin bagel slathered with ghee alongside a chicken breakfast sausage and sauteed cabbage.


Snack – Tortilla chips, sliced veggies,  salsa and guacamole. One of my favorite things. Ever.


Dinner – See above. Plus slow cooker ribs.

The Verdict

The bagel was so good and I felt fine up until the tortilla chips. The tortilla chips…oh boy. First of all I have to preface this with the fact that I seriously LOVE tortilla chips so, given the chance to have them again, I may have gone a bit over board. I went to bed not feeling well at all and I woke up in a serious funk that has been lingering all day. Not a good look.

To be honest though, I have to admit that I also had a little tequila yesterday and haven’t been eating 100% perfectly between introductions so I know that probably skews the “results”. Even so, I think I learned a valuable lesson which is that while gluten-free may mean I feel OK  it’s dangerously easy to overdo it (and then not feel OK). I probably will still have tortilla chips and a little rice  in my life but, prior to Whole30, I didn’t really go out of my way to buy gf bread, bagels, etc so it’s probably not something that I will deliberately add to my diet on a regular basis going forward.


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