whole30 reintro: legume


For the last day of my Whole30 reintro plan I failed and did not add legumes back into my diet.


Well, first of all, I’m glad I’ve done the reintro thing (or at least attempted) but, I’ve discovered that I do not love documenting what I eat. Nor do I enjoy being overly prescriptive about what I must eat. It gets old real fast for me. A paleo style diet is already as prescriptive as I want to get.

Over the past year+ legumes have pretty much become non-existent in my diet so why introduce something that I’m not really planning on eating?? Right?!

Last but not least, the day that I had planned to do legumes was the day that my family and I were celebrating my mom’s birthday so, instead of reschedule it (so that I could enjoy some brownies, of course), I chose to just eliminate it. Long story short, I ate no legumes and those are my excuses. 🙂


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