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valentines day things

I lovvvve Valentines Day! I was raised by a mother who celebrates every holiday (and birthday!) to the MAX and Valentine’s Day is no exception. I’ve had to readjust some of my expectations so I can live in the real adult world without winding up crushed that no one at work is exchanging Valentines. C’mon guysss.

I’ll be celebrating solo this year (work beckons) but there will still be some vino and maybe a romantic movie happening here (Moulin Rouge!??).



In the spirit of the holiday here are some lovey, dovey, sweet things that I’m crushing on.

This post over at The House Always Wins – I love the idea of taking back Valentine’s Day by making your own traditions

Cookie dough cookies

The sweetest little short video

Faultless flourless chocolate cake

Free printable Valentines

Jalapeno Bloody Mary – It’s red. It’s boozy. It’s my new favorite tradition.


weekend things

This weekend was full of celebrations for people I love, fun adventures and way too much sugar. I would love another weekend to rest up from my weekend and maybe to detox from all those sweets. Ok, thanks.






top to bottom: birthday brownies (happy birthday mom!) // riding the great wheel with some of my favorite people // trip to the zoo // birthday red velvet (happy birthday cousin!) // bridesmaid dress shopping

whole30 reintro: gluten


As a part of my Whole30 reintro plan I added some gluten to my day on Wednesday.

Meal Plan

Breakfast – Half a jalapeno bagel with butter. Two hard boiled eggs. Coffee.


Snack – Chocolate chip cookie. Just picture tastiness.

Dinner – Breakfast (veggie scramble with bacon) + a BEER!


The Verdict

In the paleo world gluten is generally regarded as the devil so I was nervous to reintroduce it and half expected I would keel over in a gluten induced coma the moment it passed my lips. What really happened? Surprisingly, I felt pretty good. My stomach felt a little funny after the bagel but I felt fine (if not better than normal) the rest of the day and even into Tuesday.

While I think this is good news, (I’m not as sensitive as I thought I might be!) it does not mean I’ll be stuffing my face with pasta and chowing down on breakfast croissants. I still believe there are so many other foods that are more complete and efficient at giving my body what it needs.  As with most things, I think moderation is key but, can I just tell you…that beer was mighty good. 🙂

meditation challenge check in


The other evening I was tired, had a headache and was all tucked into bed ready for sleep when Mike asked…

Did you meditate today?


Is this the first day you would be missing?


You should go do it.

And I did. 

It was a small thing that he did but it meant so much to me. I’m grateful that I have this guy in my corner. He’s my number one supporter.

Today is one week of my meditation challenge and it’s been going well. Some days are more of a struggle and some days feel easy and natural. It’s surprising the thoughts that appear out of nowhere. I’ve been practicing in the evening but would rather that I make the time in the morning – before life takes over and my mind becomes distracted. For now, I’m glad that I’m just fitting in those quiet 15 minutes.