a new focus: creativity

I’ve been meaning to share my March challenge here but got carried away with my weekend which included helping a friend move,  a football match, too much beer (whoops!) and wedding planning.

I’m dubbing my next challenge my “creative30”. My goal will be to do something that requires creative thinking every day for the next 30 26 days. I’ve always felt this pull inside of me towards art and inventive endeavors but my day job has led me in a very different direction which is part of why I’ve chosen this for my third challenge of 2013. I want to make time for the backlog of creative projects and ideas that have been piling up. Below are some of the types of projects that I hope to work on this month. I’ll try to post my projects here as I go. Some will be really tiny and quick and some will be much larger efforts but they all require a little imagination and creativity.


Play with some fun hand drawn arrows.

Fake a chalkboard effect.

Master a letterpress font effect.

Get fancy with a scallop brush.

Learn more about brushes.

Make myself a pretty landscape wallpaper.


I should probably start now.


Yep, I’m totally counting this. I know I won’t have time every day for an involved project but I can at least take 10 minutes to sketch.


A year or so ago I started making tee shirts and onesies for gifts and have always wanted to open up an Etsy store front. I’m hoping I’ll be able to take some time this month to put towards making that happen.

I plan to keep this quote in mind over the next month. Love it.



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