after action report – creative30

I started writing this post by talking about how I’ve failed my creative30 challenge. And in some ways, I have… I didn’t consciously set aside time every single day to work on something specific. My list of projects that I had hoped to accomplish isn’t looking any shorter. BUT I do think that I’ve brought creativity into my life in other ways this month. Through my day job, through little things like doodles in my planner and through some special side projects that I’ve been working on (including planning our wedding!). I’m calling it a success – yep, success through just making an effort. I’ve been thinking more creatively this month and although I don’t have a long list of crossed out projects to show for it at least I’ve gained the right mindset and the spark of more creative things to come.

Here is a snapshot of some of my projects as well as just life in general…it’s been a blast planning our wedding but also incredibly exhausting and time consuming – hence my lack of posting.

xfittees blue sky pho snow swatch tux wine

top to bottom: a fun custom crossfit tee project // gorgeous blue sky day (it does exist!!) // pho makings (to help soothe a pesky cold) // a powder filled (and really windy!) birthday trip to the pass // bridesmaid dress fabric swatches // tux shopping // blind wine tasting prep


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