clean eating plan


I mentioned a while ago that I had sort of fallen off the wagon after my whole30 in January. Easter weekend was no exception and I went to bed Sunday night feeling terrible.  Clearly an adjustment is in order. I don’t plan on doing another whole30 or anything but these changes are how I plan to get back on the wagon – rather than dragging behind it. 🙂

1. Meal plan – During my whole30 I would sit down every weekend with my cookbooks, laptop, grocery list and meal planning notepad to map out the week. I plan to bring this back. If I know it’s going to be a busy week I’ll keep it pretty simple – breakfast totally makes for a decent dinner. On the other hand if I don’t have a lot going on I love trying out new recipes form one of my favorite cookbooks.

2. Grocery shop  – On good weeks this happens on Saturday or Sunday. On bad weeks it might not happen until Tuesday but being prepared with the groceries I need for the week’s meal plan cuts down on all those little trips to the store and makes the week run a lot more smoothly.

3. Cook protein – Having hard boiled eggs, baked chicken thighs or plain old ground beef is super handy when I need to throw together a quick lunch. Add some frozen veggies and it’s a meal.

4. Be flexible -Although I love having a perfectly planned menu for the week, often times life just happens (as it does) and I have to do some reshuffling. I’ll swap plans for the day or just swap out a complicated side dish for something quick and simple. If I try to stay too “on plan” it will likely end in tears and bad decisions.

5. Make decisions – Duh, right?! So important and sometimes, SO difficult! Make the good decision. Think about the consequences and really weigh whether or not something is worth it.


2 thoughts on “clean eating plan

  1. It’s so easy to fall off the wagon! I was eating like crap and feeling like crap, that’s why I’m doing another Whole30 now… there was also a lot of interest from my friends/blog readers so I wanted to support other people too! Meal planning helps so much. Also decisions… is this really worth it? Sometimes it is… but sometimes it’s really not and I find myself stuffing my face with mediocre choices that I know will make me feel bad later. Ugh, so hard!

    • danielle says:

      That is so rad that you’re doing another whole30. I’ve definitely been reading along! Man, you are so right it is HARD. Sometimes I have to stop myself from getting bitter around friends/family who eat whatever they want without thinking twice (as I sit there debating and trying to convince myself to make the good decision). I know in the end it’s good for me but hopefully someday those decisions will come a little easier.

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