challenge accepted: april

Holy cow. How is it April already?

Also, random note but, do you know what I think is really annoying? Facebook April Fools jokes. They don’t count in my book.

Anyways, now that we’re on to a new month it’s time for a new challenge. I’ve decided April will be a month of sweating every. single. day. Inspired by this lady who challenged herself to sweat once a day for a YEAR! Amazing.

This is what my body needs this month. I’ve become increasingly wishy-washy with my workouts and I can feel it. I get stressed too easily and when I do make it to crossfit, I’m not doing the best I could if I were more consistent. So there it is. Sweat once a day for the next month. I’m including things like long walks because I certainly don’t think I should be going all out for 30 days – that’s a recipe for injury. Here is what my first sweaty week has looked like so far…

MONDAY: (after work) kicked a soccer ball around – 40mins

TUESDAY: (6am) hot power yoga with my Mom – 60mins

WEDNESDAY: (after work) walk – 30mins

THURSDAY: (6am) Crossfit – open workout 13.5 – ugh. – 45mins (including warmup/mobility)

these ones are on my to-do list still…

FRIDAY(lunch time) walk – 30mins & (after work) yoga DVD – 40mins

SATURDAY: (8am) 5k run – TBD

no regrets

And here is next weeks plan (which I intend to be a very flexible plan depending on how my body feels/how lazy I am)…

SUNDAY: (8am) hot hatha class – 60mins

MONDAY: (6am) crossfit – 60mins

TUESDAY: (after work) walk – 30mins

WEDNESDAY: (6am) crossfit – 60mins

THURSDAY: (6am) hot power yoga – 60mins

FRIDAY: (6am) crossfit – 60mins

SATURDAY: (tbd) walk/yoga/hike – tbd

That kind of gives an idea of the types of things I plan to do. Here I am….casual Friday wearing my new kicks to work so I can walk on my lunch. 🙂 Happy weekend!



2 thoughts on “challenge accepted: april

  1. I love this challenge! Good luck 🙂

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