seeing stars



I’ve never been one to suffer headaches or migraines but I have a new respect for people out there that do. You people are champs. On my way to work today, I started seeing shiny spots in my vision which, after freaking the f*%& out and seeing two doctors, was diagnosed as a ocular migraine.  I was lucky enough to also experience a sensory aura which is a fancy word for my hand and part of my face went all prickly and numb – that’s the part that really had me worried.

I’m feeling better and I’ve been doing some reading about migraines. They’re such a tricky thing – no one can really say what causes them; triggers can be variable and are different for different people. I’m really hoping this doesn’t become a reoccurring thing but I think I have some ideas for what might be causing the starry eyed vision (hello stress!). It’s clear I need a break, a check-in with myself, a chance to breathe. My body is trying to tell me something. Message received. This weekend I will focus on taking it easy, eating well and moving. No big plans and no work allowed.


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