challenge OD


Due to some stress related health issues and an out of whack work-life balance this month, I’m throwing in the towel on my April challenge. I started these challenges wanting to do what is best for my well-being. To me, that means listening to my body and knowing when enough is enough. Maybe I’ll reevaluate in May and maybe it will still be too much. Either way I’ll have a new challenge next month and hopefully, a better balance. I’ve determined that it is indeed possible to OD on personal growth!

This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on being active (I actually PR’d in a 5k yesterday!), it just means I’m taking the pressure off. I love being active but I do it because I love it and, planning a week of workouts that I HAVE to do takes some of the fun away. Life should be fun and exercise should be fun.

boston magnuson




One thought on “challenge OD

  1. I can’t say I don’t know the feeling, I’m READY for this Whole30 to be over! Congrats on realizing what works for you and on your PR!

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