12×30 goals check-in

never too old


I made the list below at the beginning of the year to  give myself some ideas for goals to tackle and I wanted to use it to give a quick update on which ones I’ve already completed and how they went (notice, I’ve gotten progressively worse at completing them?). Time to reset my intentions.

Below that, are goals that I’m considering for the remainder of the year. With buying a house, potentially moving AND planning our wedding (all before August!) I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed so, the next few month’s goals are going to be less involved because there is just SO MUCH going on right now. Which sounds lame because, isn’t there always “so much going on!!”?

1. Complete a Whole30 – JANUARY Done and dun. 30 days, no slips.

2. 30 days of meditation – FEBRUARY Complete-ish. I missed 1 or 2 days.

3. 30 days of creating something – MARCH Ehhh probably about 75% completed but overall, a success.

4. 30 days of sweat – APRIL FAIL. *womp womp* I threw in the towel about half way through and I’m still considering attempting this one again but it will probably need to be after our wedding in August as this one is quite a commitment at the moment.


30 days of yoga

30 days of flossing (my dentist will be so proud!)

30 days (or should I say nights?) of 8 hours of sleep

30 days of writing (either here or in a journal)

30 days of calling someone just to say “HI!”

30 days of organization (organize something small or large once a day)

30 days of making the bed (not sure how this will tie back to my well-being but I sort of like the idea)

30 days of gratitude (keep a journal of all the awesomeness around me)

30 days of cleaning (possibly my least favorite idea)

30 days of no TV

30 days of no caffeine (I cringe)

30 days of saving those dolla dolla bills y’all

30 day of no social media (Instagram, Facebook)


4 thoughts on “12×30 goals check-in

  1. I think you could tie the cleaning one in with the organizing one so you don’t hate it so much. I think I could benefit from that one! 30 days of no caffeine would be really rough at the beginning but then I think you’d adjust. We canceled our cable, so we’ll be going without TV but we’ve been supplementing with Netflix. It is kind of nice to know that whatever you’re watching will be there tomorrow, so instead of staying up late for some show that’s live, we’ll just go to bed instead because we know we can watch it another time. I just accomplished almost 30 days of writing in my blog by documenting the Whole30… sometimes it was really overwhelming. I’m looking forward to taking a more relaxed approach, but it helped me to realize I don’t always need to do a long in depth post, sometimes I can just pop in. Also I’d love to save for 30 days… but that would be HARD! Good luck 🙂

    • danielle says:

      I like the idea of combining cleaning and organizing! I so dread cleaning (I’m the messy one in our relationship) so it would be a tough one for sure. We also do the Netflix thing and LOVE it. We have very basic cable so don’t really watch it often (except for New Girl!). I think to make it a challenge I’d have to cut out all Netflix as well….eeeek! It’s just become such a habit to make dinner and sit down in front of the TV for the rest of the night every night and that’s really what I want to get away from. Can you say couch potato?

      I’ve really enjoyed following along with your Whole30!! I like that you’ve given such an honest account of how hard it can be – especially with social events/pressure. Nice work and good luck with your reintro plan. 🙂

  2. Jake has been doing 30 days of flossing. I think he might even be on day 60+ now. Agreed with Amber that 30 days of no caffeine sucks at the beginning but then gets easier. I’m on the opposite route right now. I had cut it out completely and now find I need something stronger and stronger just to keep my eyes open.
    I love the 30 days of calling someone to just say hi. But I think that could include email, facebook or text. Not everyone has the time to sit down on the phone, but even just a small message might be nice. And I think the 30 days of making your bed is more powerful than we think. There is something nice about getting into a nicely made bed at night. Plus it instantly makes your bedroom look more pulled together 🙂

    • danielle says:

      60 days of flossing is impressive — I aspire to be so committed! I like the idea of just saying “hi” and not necessarily calling (I sort of hate talking on the phone). The whole no coffee thing terrifies me to be honest. I’m so addicted – probably have had coffee EVERY day for the last three years! I agree on the making the bed thing. Did you read The Happiness Project?

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