challenge accepted: may

Commence “Anti Social Media May”! It’s catchy, right? Came up with that all on my own.

When I thought about committing to a goal this month, I was initially a little overwhelmed. I mean, I’m just so BUSY right now. But, when I took a step back to look at how I use my time, a light bulb went off. I’m busy but I’m not optimizing my time in the best way possible.  So, rather than add something this month, I’ve decided that my focus should be more around removing the unnecessary. For me, social media falls squarely in that category. It’s not something that I need for my job but I’m regularly constantly checking my phone for facebook updates and instagram likes – at work, at a stoplight, to fill time while standing in line. Trying to fill every blank minute with something to stimulate my brain. It’s just gotten to be TOO MUCH.

There are a ton of articles and research for why these habits (and in general, an always-connected lifestyle) can have negative impacts. They interfere with the learning and memory making processes in the brain and, from my own experience, interrupt spending quality time with people I love.

This month my goal is to very strictly cut out Facebook,  Instagram and Pinterest but I’m going to also make a broader effort to power down more often and minimize multi-tasking (less blog reading and watching TV). I’ve already gotten rid of the offending apps on my phone and I instantly feel a little bit better. I’m even thinking considering kicking off my challenge by doing my own National Day of Unplugging. I’m excited to see how this challenge goes.

Here is a round up of some great articles that I thought were interesting and relevant:

Why Technology is so Addictive

Could you completely unplug every weekend for a month? Meg Keene at A Practical Wedding is and I’m inspired.

Digital habits are actually depriving our brains of downtime.

Why We’re Missing Out on Real Life – and a primal challenge.




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