digital detox update


I’m twenty or so days into “anti-social media May” and I have to make a confession. I haven’t abstained 100% from Facebook and Pinterest (Instagram has been no problem-o). I started this month with the assumption that it would be a simple challenge and that social media didn’t fill any sort of legitimate need in my life but I think I may have been wrong in some ways. Here’s why I haven’t been 100% sticking to my challenge and why I will likely continue using social media in the future (but hopefully a little less).

1. I have all my wedding details pinned on Pinterest. 

I needed those details and to share them with people involved. This is the place I have them saved and it has worked as a really great resource. Pinterest can be a fantastic waste of time but, when used responsibly, can be inspiring and useful as a tool for projects and planning.

2. I had a birthday party to go to and all the details were in an event on Facebook. 

I probably could have reached out to the birthday girl and gotten the details directly from her but, it was much easier and quicker to log on and retrieve them from Facebook.  Planning events on Facebook is a really great way to organize people and share details (or changes in details) with a large group – saving time / sanity.

3. I had to find last names for addressing wedding invitations.

Again, I probably could have reached out and directly asked our guests – “how do you spell your girlfriend’s last name??” But this seemed a little more discrete and I’m a big fan of using whatever resources I have handy – even if that means Facebook stalking.

Overall, I guess what I’m trying to say here is that social media isn’t as evil as I thought it was when I started this challenge. I do however think that it gets a bit much when you’re checking for status updates at red lights (but maybe that’s just me??). From now on, I am hoping to think of it as a tool and not something that I mindlessly check every 15 minutes.


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