summer wish list 2013


This Memorial day weekend we took a break from packing and wedding planning and headed to Eastern Washington. The weather wasn’t nearly as warm as I would have liked but it was a great chance to slow down and disconnect for a few days. We fit in 9 holes of golf, burgers, beers and lots of down time reading in lawn chairs. It was fabulous and made me think that no matter how busy and overwhelmed I might feel, there are so many things that are worth slowing down for.

I cringe a little to be writing yet another to-do list but with summer fast approaching and so many exciting things happening so fast, I want to make sure to take a few breaks to enjoy the season because it’s my favorite time of year.

1. washington brewers festival

2. throw a graduation bbq for my little sister (in our back yard!)

3. read a few new books: on my “to read” list: Becoming a Supple Leopard, Belong to Me, Never Let Me Go, A Feast for Crows

4. do a double header game day (sounders game + mariners game all in one day!)

5. get out on the water on a boat, paddle board or jet ski

6. find a summer perfume

7. make these refreshing looking drinks and the best iced coffee ever

8. see an outdoor movie

9. grill up one of these yummy recipes

10. get married! 🙂

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One thought on “summer wish list 2013

  1. […] was a good weekend but dear god…i am exhausted! i crossed a couple things off of my summer wishlist by hosting a bbq for my sister who graduated this weekend (SO PROUD!) and we also made it to the wa […]

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