after action report – digital detox

Today marks the end of 30 days of no social media which included no Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. While I wasn’t 100% compliant, I drastically decreased the amount of time that I spent wasted looking for some sort of instant gratification that just isn’t there. I’m not going to spend a ton of time recapping on this one because I think my update earlier this month pretty much sums it up. My plan for the future is to use it as a tool rather than a form of entertainment – at least Facebook and Pinterest. Instagram isn’t something that I can say I legitimately need in my life but it’s just so dang fun so I don’t think I’ll be quitting it but, maybe checking it less often. I had to add this cartoon because I think it’s so true about Smartphones.


A few ways that I plan to streamline my social media and technology usage are:

  • To always put my phone in the glove compartment while driving (should have been doing this a long time ago)
  • Not doing the default grab for the phone in a crowded elevator and talking to someone instead
  • Using stay focused to limit my social media and other goofing off at work
  • No watching TV and web surfing at the same time
  • Take a hard look at the friends I have on Facebook and slim it down
  • Just be thoughtful about unplugging more often and really focusing on what is happening around me
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