happy friday

happy friday

This has been one of those weeks that has gone by fast but kinda slow at the same time. Does that even make sense? It felt pretty productive because I crossed a bunch of things off of the life to-do list….60k check up for the car, dentist appointment, massage, got the ol’ brows waxed and sent a graduation card to a friend. Little things. I’m trying to be more grateful for the little things these days and, while those things aren’t  glamorous or sexy to write about, I want to start recognizing them more often. Here are a few other things that I’m feeling grateful for this week.

dinner and game night with friends – pandemic is SO much fun (and intense!)

black light yoga mix via lululemon – i only wish there was a studio that offered black light yoga here. it sounds like so much fun.

reading daring greatly – this book is seriously blowing my mind. i plan to write more on it later.

comedians in cars getting coffee – season 2!

super duper HOT hot hatha class – the only exercise that i made it to this week. 😦

hell or high watermelon beer and wasabi peas – an oddly delightful and addicting combination.


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