challenge accepted – JULY



I’m a little late but wanted to quickly post about my July challenge before we get too far into the month. I’m in full-on wedding countdown mode – less than a month to go! But, I still want to give myself a challenge for the month. This is something that I did last November for Thanksgiving and since I recently started reading Daring Greatly, I’ve decided now might be a good time to re-visit GRATITUDE. And more specifically – finding something (even little mundane things) to be grateful for every day. So that’s July. As part of my challenge I’m going to try to post here about what I’m grateful for but I’m preemptively forgiving myself if I can’t make it every day – I might also scribble in my planner or add it to a list on my phone if I can’t make the time for a post. With that, here are my first two things I’m grateful for in July…

1. Good listeners. – Kind of vague but, I’ve had a couple experiences recently with people that I respect professionally who have selflessly agreed to take the time to chat with me and give little tid bits of advice. I hope that some day I can pass on the same generosity.

2. Coral nail polish. – A good reminder for me to stop taking everything so seriously.

coral nails

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