gratitudes week two

As part of my twelve 30 day challenges, I’m challenging myself to practice gratitude for big and small things in my life during the month of July. To help keep myself honest, I’m capturing my daily gratitudes (or things I’m grateful for) here and posting every so often…


9. As a native northwestern-er I can get down with the grey but I also really crave sunshine. Let’s be honest, I’m probably deficient in vitamin D for a majority of the year. This year we’ve been having an unusually delightful summer and I’m thankful for a few moments of just laying in the grass soaking it up.

10. My step-dad Peter. He’s more like an older brother in some ways. Sounds odd, I know. He is there for me constantly and I know I can count on him for almost anything. I have a good relationship with my real Dad also so it’s not like he’s a replacement but instead, I get a bonus Dad which is kind of cool.

11. Super sweaty hot yoga. I tried a new studio (fusion yoga bothell) last week and loved it. Lately I feel like I’ve been hitting my stride in my practice even though I haven’t been going as often as I’d like. My yoga practice is something that I plan to come back to throughout my life and I know it will always be there waiting for me. It’s been the one constant for the past five years – amidst half marathon training, starting crossfit and life in general.

12. Summer evening walk. Mike and I grabbed dinner out at a brew pub on Friday night and afterwards got ice cream and went for a short walk. It was nice to just soak in a summer evening and talk about anything and everything. Plus the air smelled amazing – full of fragrant summer flowers and lake water. I will be making an effort to do this more often throughout the summer.


13. Radio talk shows. When I’m not bumping the 90s hip hop, I’ve been using Stitcher to tune in to podcasts during my commute and they make the drive so much easier. My favorites have been This American Life and Balanced Bites. They take my mind of the drive and I actually learn something at the same time! NEAT!

14. Summer berries. Need I say more?? They have been delicious! Even tastier when crafted into a crumble.



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