Monthly Archives: September 2013

giving myself a break

I’m starting a new job this week. Which also happens to be my birthday week! 🙂 Same company, different role.

I was having a conversation with one of my new teammates about some of my concerns with the new role, fears and personal challenges. I’m a quiet introvert by nature and often times that leads me to avoiding scary “put-yourself-out-there” types of situations which is something this new role will require of me. She told me to give myself a break – no criticizing myself in the new job for at least 6 months and then (and only then) can I look back at it all. I thought that was such great advice and something that I’m planning on doing. It will most definitely be a challenge because that critical voice has become such a bad habit but I think it’s something that I need to learn how to control sooner rather than later.

Also, on a lighter note…I got my hair done last weekend. Something like this is what I was going for. After growing my hair out and not touching the color for our wedding I was so ready for something new!


This weekend I also was able to spend time with family to celebrate my birthday, attended a friend’s wedding (at a castle!) and visited IKEA with my MIL. Other than that, I kind of took it easy and relaxed. Now we’re already into Wednesday (yay for short weeks!) and I hope the rest of the week speeds on by.