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happy news and an update

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It’s been quite some time since I’ve been here to write down my thoughts. I hate to use the excuse that I’ve been busy because it’s only sort of true. To be more accurate, I should say that I’ve been completely and utterly overwhelmed with excitement, surprise and love that I haven’t quite known how to express.

Shortly after our wedding (surprise!) we found out that we’ll be expecting our first little bundle of love in April and I’ve been riding this crazy wave of emotion since then. 2013 has been a HUGE year full of good news and this is the icing on the cake.

Recently, I’ve been able to feel the little nugget squirming around in there which is the craziest / happiest feeling in the world and next week we find out if we’re expecting a little boy or a little girl which will make this all seem 100x more real. I’m so thrilled but at the same time having a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea that I will be a parent soon! I’m trying not to get too overwhelmed and just taking it as it comes. One day at a time.babe

Currently I’m about half way through my pregnancy (20 weeks) and feeling pretty darn good. I had the usual nausea and exhaustion for the first couple months but it didn’t last too long. The more annoying thing was the HUNGER. I wanted food 24/7. That has gone away and now I’m just normal-hungry all the time instead of I-will-eat-your-arm-hungry.

I’ve been making an effort to eat clean so that this baby will grow healthy and strong. Paleo has been my baseline for a couple years now and I’ve been adding here and there (goat’s milk yogurt, rice cakes, cheese, white rice) which works for me. I haven’t had any extreme cravings but there has definitely been more ice cream and gluten free snacks than I would normally eat – I blame the baby. 🙂

Sadly, I gave up Crossfit and hot yoga when I found out I was pregnant. Prior to our wedding, I hadn’t been going to Crossfit regularly (once every couple weeks or so) and I thought now wouldn’t be the best time to throw myself back into it. Part of me regrets making that decision because I really miss it and I know many women safely participate while pregnant but I plan on getting back into it after the baby comes. 9 months away won’t completely set me back – right? Right?!! I always thought I would be the pregnant woman who threw all the conventional thoughts to the wayside and continued on with my activities like normal but the doc said no to hot yoga and I had to sort of agree that it seems too intense.

To replace my favorite activities, I’ve been attending a Barre class once or twice a week, doing yoga and a prenatal workout DVD at home and going for long walks in the dark when I get home from work. I’m actually really enjoying this opportunity to be a little more gentle with myself…it just feels right.

So there it is…my long winded update on life. Last night we hosted both of our families for our first Thanksgiving as homeowners and as a married couple. It felt surreal. I feel so thankful to have had this year full of happy memories and so many more to come. Happy Thanksgiving!