finally friday

Woo! Another week down!

As I get closer to my due date, the days and weeks feel like they are sloooowinggg dowwwwnn to a crawl. I’m trying my hardest to be patient because I want baby girl to come on her own time but I’m so excited to get started on this next chapter of our lives. The anticipation of getting to meet our little girl is killing me. Will she have dark hair? My bet is yes. Will she have a smile like her dad? Maybe a crooked pinkie finger like him too? We will soon find out.

So, aside from stocking up on sleep and quality time with my husband, here are a few other things from around the web that have been keeping me distracted…




+ This would probably bore the socks off of most people but I’m a huge PowerPoint nerd so I fully enjoyed these videos on presentation design.

+ I made this coffee cake banana bread a couple weeks ago and it was excellent! Perfect for breakfast on the go. (side note: this is still by far my favorite recipe for banana bread)

+ A great post on finding your passions. #4 is by far my biggest challenge.

This episode from This American Life was interesting. It also made me want cinnamon sugar toast in a bad way.

+ I’ve come to the realization that my eyes are old and I can’t sneak by without some help in the distance department any longer so I ended up ordering these prescription sunglasses the other day. I can’t wait to get them…and for the sun to come out. That’d be nice too.

+ Love everything about this outfit.

+ I’m hoping to test out these paleo pancakes this weekend. YUM.

+ I made pom pom curtains for baby girls room. Because…..pom poms! How could I not?

+ If you haven’t watched True Detective yet, I can’t talk to you.


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