39 weeks and counting


Pardon the dirty mirror picture! Nesting hasn’t driven me so far as to deep clean our bathrooms and, lets be real, it’s probably not going to happen in the next week or so. Maybe I’m just not a “nester”?

I do however have baby girl’s room ready to go. I love spending time in that room and looking at all the tiny little clothes that will soon be covered in all sorts of spit up and diaper disasters. Even with all the horror stories that people like to share (yes, Grandma, I heard the one about the fountain burping) I can’t wait. Last night I had what I think were my first contractions so things are happening! I won’t actually be pregnant forever! By the way, I’m making a promise to myself now that I will not share horror stories – what good does that do for anyone?

Whenever you’re ready, baby girl, we’re here waiting for you. There are people who love you lining up to hold you already but they’ll have to take a number because Dad and I call first dibs on cuddle time.


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