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things to remember – 8 months

I’ve been wanting to write down a few of thing things to remember before I forget and life gets in the way. I’ve been documenting a lot in Bailey’s baby book but I was reading back through and realized I’d captured a lot of the big milestones but I had missed writing down some of the small things that, to me, are really the big things that I want to remember.


I will remember your hair and how there is a long flop on top that is always kind of doing it’s own thing.

I will remember your giggle and smile every time we pretend to shake you dry after your bath.

I will remember how intensely independent you are – and I’ll try to be okay with that.

I will remember your little plank move and how that progressed into you dragging yourself everywhere instead of crawling.

I will remember how you love to suck on your index and middle finger instead of your thumb or a pacifier.

I will remember how you hated falling asleep because you were far too busy being curious and exploring.

I will remember the diaper explosions – especially that one in the Target bathroom.

I will remember all those late night feedings and how, as badly as I wanted to be sleeping, I also wanted to be right there with you.

I will remember how you refused to be fed with a spoon – you wanted to feed yourself.

I will remember when you saw your first Christmas tree and your face lit up with the biggest smile.


banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

After Bailey was born I was HUNGRY. All the time. I made these cookies before I went into labor and was so glad to have them on hand for those middle of the night snack sessions. I’ve since made them a few times and am thinking I should make them again because they would make a good alternative to all the tempting holiday treats. These come together really quickly and taste pretty darn good for a “healthy cookie”.


yields: 18 cookies


2 ripe bananas, mashed

2 eggs

1/3 C almond butter

2/3 C applesauce

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp cinnamon

dash ground cloves

dash ground nutmeg

2 tbsp coconut flour

1 3/4 C oats (i love the gluten free ones from trader joe’s)

1/4 C chopped nuts or seeds

1/2 C chocolate chips

1/4 C shredded or flaked unsweetened coconut


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Mix together the bananas, eggs, almond butter, applesauce, vanilla, salt and spices until well combined.  Add in the coconut flour, oats, nuts, chocolate chips, and coconut; stir until well combined.

Spoon a rounded 2 tbsp. of the cookie mixture onto the lined baking sheet, leaving an inch or two between each and flatten slightly. Bake for 20-30 minutes and allow to cool slightly.

Adapted from this recipe.

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so that detox…



So I mentioned a while ago that I was doing a November sugar detox. Ha! More like a November sugar RE-tox. UGH.

I was all signed up and ready to go with the 21 Day Sugar Detox and I lasted all of a week before some delicious looking pizza, lack of prep and lack of will power tripped me up. From there it was a downward spiral (dramatic, right?) I spun out of control and made ALL THE COOKIES. Those cookies were damn good but not really helping with my sugar cravings which is why I wanted to detox in the first place.

So where am I left now? Still hitting that sugar most evenings (ice cream! m&m’s! cookies!) but trying to moderate a little better which is such a tricky thing. In some ways I’ve given into the fact that it’s the holiday season and, for me, treats are part of enjoying this time of year. Maybe in January I’ll revisit this sugar issue when it’s a little easier to turn down the sweets and not look like the resident heath nut. I’m recalling an article that should have made me think twice about doing something like this during the holidays to begin with and next time I’ll follow that advice. Lesson learned.

In the mean time I’m looking forward to a holiday party or two and maybe a couple days of whole 30-ish eating in between to remind myself how much better I feel when I eat well (SO much better). That way – just maybe – I won’t face plant into the cookies the next time I see them.