things to remember – 8 months

I’ve been wanting to write down a few of thing things to remember before I forget and life gets in the way. I’ve been documenting a lot in Bailey’s baby book but I was reading back through and realized I’d captured a lot of the big milestones but I had missed writing down some of the small things that, to me, are really the big things that I want to remember.


I will remember your hair and how there is a long flop on top that is always kind of doing it’s own thing.

I will remember your giggle and smile every time we pretend to shake you dry after your bath.

I will remember how intensely independent you are – and I’ll try to be okay with that.

I will remember your little plank move and how that progressed into you dragging yourself everywhere instead of crawling.

I will remember how you love to suck on your index and middle finger instead of your thumb or a pacifier.

I will remember how you hated falling asleep because you were far too busy being curious and exploring.

I will remember the diaper explosions – especially that one in the Target bathroom.

I will remember all those late night feedings and how, as badly as I wanted to be sleeping, I also wanted to be right there with you.

I will remember how you refused to be fed with a spoon – you wanted to feed yourself.

I will remember when you saw your first Christmas tree and your face lit up with the biggest smile.


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