so long two thousand and fourteen

Yesterday we kicked off 2015 by taking a little day trip up to Deception Pass where we walked around and took a few pictures. On the way there we stopped for breakfast at a delicious little cafe. It was a great way to start off the new year.


Before launching into the new year (which I’m so excited for), I wanted to quickly recap some of the highlights as well as how I did with my 2014 goals before moving on. I’ve been thinking a lot about setting goals for the new year and I haven’t sorted out exactly what they will be yet but I will for sure write about them once I do.

This year I tried a different approach by focusing on goals that laddered up to what I identified as my Core Desired Feelings. Note: I made these goals pre-baby when I was somewhat delusional about what life would be like as a mama. I think it’s safe to say 2015’s goals might be a little different.

Here are my goals and how the year went for me.

NOURISH my body – make my exercise routine my #1 priority – plan the day around that. HAHAHA! Fail. I wouldn’t say I even came close to making this my #1 priority and that’s okay because in April I became a mama and that quickly become priority numero uno. I also wouldn’t call this a complete fail because I’ve been getting out and walking a ton and squeezing in hot yoga or at home workouts when I can. Next year I’d like to focus on stepping up the intensity of my workouts because getting in a long walk only does so much for me. I’ve really been missing my Crossfit days!

Shop at the farmer’s market 1x week this summer. Cook fresh food. I’ll call this a 50% success. I definitely cooked fresh food (probably even more than I expected of myself as a new mom) but I only shopped at a farmer’s market once. Whomp whomp.

Get VULNERABLE and share my goals and aspirations through this blog and with family and friends. Again, only 50% success rate here. I’ve talked a lot more about what I’d like to do with family and friends but haven’t shared much here on the blog.

Explore creative projects – take three Skillshare classes that spark that sense of FLOW. Fail. I started a couple different classes but never finished them. I’ll probably keep this on my list for 2015.

Work with one paying client in 2014 on a project that puts me in the FLOW state. Success! Well, sort of. I worked on a few unpaid graphic design projects for friends that I really enjoyed. Also, even though I wasn’t thinking of Etsy when I wrote this goal, I’m counting that as part of my success. I didn’t put as much effort as I could have into my Etsy shop but I sold 10 or so tees and really enjoyed the process.

CONNECT with my husband and baby – go on one trip together as a new family. Success! We took a road trip to Eastern Washington and Montana with our families. Traveling with a 3 month old was a bizarre combination of relaxing, anxiety inducing and fun. I hope we can take more trips together in the future.

Establish a “date night” with my husband to CONNECT regularly. Success! I’m so thankful that we have parents who are willing to come babysit and get us out of the house. We’ve averaged one date night a week or so and I really want to keep it up! This was a year for family! Staying connected with my husband and spending time with our daughter were probably the two most important things to me this year.


– Our “babymoon” to Hawaii.

– Welcoming our little girl into the world!!!

– Getting a promotion at work (yay!) and leaving my job to stay at home (also yay!).

– Hosting our families for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

– Getting in quality time with our families as well as lots of snuggles with our little girl.

– Two friends’ weddings and our first overnight trip away from Bailey.

– Finally getting some projects done around the house (decorating, painting, etc.) and making it feel more like home.


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