21dsd week two


Favorite recipe: Banana Vanilla Bean N’oatmeal – so tasty and surprisingly filling.

Least favorite recipe: Cauliflower soup – only because I went the lazy route and just roasted it instead.

Naps taken: 8

Sweet potato fries consumed: aprox. 152

Favorite snack: Sunbutter truffles

Food I forgot I loved: GRAPEFRUIT!

Steps: 44,150

Prepped for week two: Chili Garlic Paste and my take on a Carrot Sausage Hash

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Phew. I’m so glad that week is over! I felt decent mood-wise but so so tired. I think partially because my wee one still isn’t sleeping through the night and partially because of the detox. I almost had a weak moment involving nachos. Add a sugar detox to sleep deprivation and things get weird. I’m optimistic about week two though. My energy is increasing and I’m not putting frozen food away in the pantry anymore so that’s a good sign. I think this next week will be easier. Here’s the plan:

Note: All lunches are typically some form of leftovers from the day before. Every once in a while I’ll cook up a hot dog or have some deli meat instead but I thought it didn’t really need listing.


B: Last of my Banana Vanilla N’oatmeal

D: Spicy flank steak + spicy slaw + sweet potato fries


B: Carrot sausage hash + two eggs + decaf

D: Burgers +  sauteed onions + roasted butternut squash, apples and pecans


B: Carrot sausage hash + two eggs + decaf

D: Cod + roasted brussels sprouts


B: Carrot sausage hash + two eggs + decaf

D: Leftovers or Chipotle


B: Buffalo chicken egg muffins

D: Turkey meatballs + delicata squash


B: Buffalo chicken egg muffins

D: Chicken strips + cumin roasted carrots


B: Buffalo chicken egg muffins

D: Chicken satay + green salad

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2 thoughts on “21dsd week two

  1. I made those bacon jalapeno meatballs from your last post and omg they were so good! Thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t get around to trying the n’oatmeal yet though! I know days 6 & 7 in the Whole30 timeline are “I just want a nap” so it would make sense for you to feel tired! I’m jealous of your 8 naps. I took a few so far… but not that many! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. danielle says:

    Ah I’m so glad you tried them! I forgot about those and now I’m going to have to put them on next week’s plan. Definitely try the N’oatmeal – especially if you like having a break from all the eggs. SO MANY EGGS! Naps are where it’s at. Hopefully you won’t require any this week with all the extra energy!!

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