moderation to me

With the 21 Day Sugar Detox coming to a close I’ve been thinking a lot about what my post detox plan will be. How can I avoid eating ALL. THE. THINGS?? I love to eat and I grew up with little to no restrictions on what I could have so I struggle with how much I really want to limit myself. At the same time, I’ve become very aware of what works for my body and what makes me feel like crap. I don’t necessarily have any allergic reactions to anything so in a sense I’m very lucky in that I can choose to have some bread or treats here and there with little to no effect. I know that isn’t the case for everyone. So here are my strategies and how I think about moderation and balance when it comes to food. Big changes happen one day at a time, one meal at a time or even, in my mind, one burger bun at a time. 🙂



Meals at home are my home base and what I fall back on. We eat at home most weekdays and for those meals we are generally paleo. Meats or fish and veggies and sometimes rice for dinner. Eggs for breakfast. Sometimes I buy Ezekiel bread because toast + avocado = heaven. No soda but a glass of wine or pint of beer. Something that I’d like to change is to make most treats or desserts at home and to not have ice cream nearly as often as I had in the past (like every night). I’m also not going to beat myself up if I grab a doughnut on the weekend. My yoga spot is right next door to a doughnut spot soooo….yeah. I think overall, keeping those meals at home as straightforward as possible goes a long way in giving me flexibility when I’m not at home.


Eating out or having family over is usually where I veer off plan. When I do eat out I try to balance and make little choices that will add up over time. I’ll order burgers without the bun but gorge out on fries. I’ll go for the tortilla chips but try to avoid the crackers. I’ll go for Thai food but aim to get at least one all veggie dish. I’ll stop at a couple slices of pizza but also have a large salad. Those little choices leave me feeling like I’m getting a treat while not going all in and feeling crappy.

So there it is. Actually pretty simple and hopefully pretty easy to stick to come Monday when I’m done and all bets are off. 🙂

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One thought on “moderation to me

  1. amberbusyboldblessed says:

    I have a serious problem with transitioning out of the Whole30. I always stuff my face until I’m sick. I’d really love to do the reintroduction protocol as written, Day 31 try dairy, eat compliant for 3 days, Day 35 try something else…. etc. But after 30 days, it’s so hard not to just let go.

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