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big things happen one day at a time


One of my goals that I mentioned earlier this week was that I’d like to swing a kettle bell every day this year. Oooof. What did I sign myself up for? I’m using the tracker pictured above from Elise Joy that is so pretty I almost didn’t write on it. Every day I aim to swing my 35lb kettle bell at least once. Some days that turns into 25 swings plus some squats and some days I can’t remember whether or not I actually got my swing in…..or took a shower for that matter. As you can see, I haven’t been perfectly consistent but that’s ok because when I get to the end of the year and see all those little bubbles mostly colored in, I’ll feel really good (and hopefully kinda buff!). I’m going for progress over perfection.


a few things i’d like to do in 2015


I love setting goals and making lists and checking things off. This year I kept going back and forth and couldn’t decide what form I wanted my goals to take. That is always my struggle – perfection v. progress. I’m such an analyzer and perfectionist that I end up getting in my own way and not accomplishing anything. So, now that we’re moving right along into February, time to jot some things down so that I have something to work with and hold me accountable.

I’ve done a couple different things in the past years and I think this year I’ll do something different yet again. These aren’t resolutions because I like to edit and course correct as I go. These are simply a few things I’d like to accomplish in 2015. They will probably break down into smaller mini goals as I work through them.

grow a veggie garden

lift weights again – I really miss crossfit for this

decorate our dining area, mud room and guest bedroom

double (at least) sales in my etsy shop

go on family trips (arizona, eastern washington, etc.)

explore my creative interests (calligraphy, graphic design, painting, sewing, screen printing – to name a few)

take bailey on mini adventures (zoo, swimming, library, etc.)

shop the farmer’s markets this summer

celebrate my 30th (YIKES) in style


make a 2015 family yearbook

get outside (the beach! hiking! for walks!)

swing a kettle bell every day

buy and wear pajamas that don’t feel frumpy


sugar detox: complete


I finished my sugar detox last month so this post is a few weeks late but I thought it was still worth writing. I have a couple weeks of being back to regular which has been tough but good. At the end of the detox I was feeling pretty awesome – clear skin, lots of energy, yada yada. Cooking and planning was feeling like no big deal. It was great but, reality is that I can’t and shouldn’t eat that strictly all the time. I would make myself and everyone around me crazy.

Coming off the detox, I had a rough landing. I definitely indulged in some things that I wouldn’t have typically eaten pre-detox and this is where I struggle with doing these eating challenges. I do really well with guidelines and restrictions but coming back to the real world where I have to put on the big girl pants and make decisions for myself is hard. So there was a lot of pizza and a burger (WITH the bun!) and way too many desserts BUT I think I’m sort of leveling out and coming back around to my normal way of balancing. Going off plan and eating those things seems to be a necessary evil for me. It’s a big reminder of why I shouldn’t have a lot of those things to begin with. I honestly don’t know if I will do another one of these – I think I might have said the same thing last time too – but, I’m glad I did it because doing these things gets me all excited about meal planning and new recipes and reminds me of how awesome I feel when I eat mainly whole foods.

A few other lessons I learned…

Detoxing made me realize how much sugar I had let sneak in. The totally lack of energy the first week made me see how dependent my system had become on it. It was ROUGH.

I sort of knew this but, I LOVE meal planning. Such a mundane thing to enjoy but I really really enjoy sitting down every week and picking out recipes.

We spend more money eating well. I know it’s possible to cut corners here and there but the unfortunate reality is that quality food costs more money than crap food. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely eat well on a budget but food that is raised and grown well is more expensive.

A little bit of prep goes a long way. I tried to prep a condiment, a breakfast and a snack each week and it made such a big difference.

I need lots of healthy fats and carbs. I always knew those things were important on a paleo diet but I think I finally put it together. Not enough fats/carbs at breakfast and lunch means I get really snacky in the afternoon and start shoveling all the carbs and sugar in sight.

I still enjoy having an apple or a little something sweet after dinner and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I don’t ever want to completely vilify sugar.

Dishes are the worst. Period.

There you have it. Done and done.

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