a few things i’d like to do in 2015


I love setting goals and making lists and checking things off. This year I kept going back and forth and couldn’t decide what form I wanted my goals to take. That is always my struggle – perfection v. progress. I’m such an analyzer and perfectionist that I end up getting in my own way and not accomplishing anything. So, now that we’re moving right along into February, time to jot some things down so that I have something to work with and hold me accountable.

I’ve done a couple different things in the past years and I think this year I’ll do something different yet again. These aren’t resolutions because I like to edit and course correct as I go. These are simply a few things I’d like to accomplish in 2015. They will probably break down into smaller mini goals as I work through them.

grow a veggie garden

lift weights again – I really miss crossfit for this

decorate our dining area, mud room and guest bedroom

double (at least) sales in my etsy shop

go on family trips (arizona, eastern washington, etc.)

explore my creative interests (calligraphy, graphic design, painting, sewing, screen printing – to name a few)

take bailey on mini adventures (zoo, swimming, library, etc.)

shop the farmer’s markets this summer

celebrate my 30th (YIKES) in style


make a 2015 family yearbook

get outside (the beach! hiking! for walks!)

swing a kettle bell every day

buy and wear pajamas that don’t feel frumpy


One thought on “a few things i’d like to do in 2015

  1. amberbusyboldblessed says:

    Great list! I would love to grow a veggie garden, but I’m not sure I have the time to commit to it. I do plan on hitting up the farmers market though. Decorating our house is definitely on my list too. Our living room has a fresh coat of paint, new furniture… and super bare walls! We really need curtains too. Our life is broadcasted to anyone who drives by lol.

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