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bryr clogs

I never would have thought of myself as a clog kinda girl but look at these things. Sexy, right? Is it just me? Can a clog be sexy? If there is such a thing as a sexy clog, these are them.


Not only are they beautiful, they are hand made in SanFrancisco by an ex design director who up and decided to start her own business. Rad.  bryr2

Someday a pair of these will be mine.


30 on the 3rd

blue three edit

Earlier this month (on the third to be exact) I turned 30! I thought I should do a little update here on life and stuff and things.

FEELING // I don’t feel 30 but when does a birthday ever really make you feel a certain age. What I do feel is extremely excited for this next year. So many things I’d like to do!

PLAYING // Life has been first and foremost all about settling into this new role as a mama. That first year of becoming a mom was a rougher transition than I had expected but I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’m really enjoying the age that my daughter is at (17 months) and the time that I get to spend with her every day. Lots of play dates, trips to the park, the library and snacks. So many snacks.

WORKING ON // For the benefit of my brain I’m working on a fun part-time side project, still running my Etsy shop here and there and trying to paint and draw when I can.

EATING // Paleo has still been vaguely guiding how we eat but I’ve definitely loosened up on many of the “rules”. With a toddler sometimes (ok, all the time) convenience is priority and paleo is anything but convenient. Typically breakfast and dinner are easy but anything in between and especially any meals away from home are a crap shoot. It’s something that I used to write about a lot here so I thought it deserved a mention but I don’t have as much to say about it these days.

MOVING // I am in desperate need of getting in a better routine. Exercise has been sporadic at best so this is a big goal of mine for the next year. I need routine to be successful, I really miss crossfit but I can’t join a crossfit gym right now so I’m in a weird limbo of having a traditional gym membership but not really knowing what to do with myself once I’m there. IF I get myself there.

FOCUSING // I’m trying to focus. I get so excited about all the information out in the world, things to learn, ideas, projects to start, sparkly things etc. that I can’t narrow in on what really matters to me. This year will be about refining and defining. I want to get rid of all the extra clutter – my inbox, my instagram feed, my house, everywhere. I have a lot of clutter and not a lot of time. There’s a saying circulating out in the internets about your brain having too many tabs open and that is exactly how I feel. Time to shut down some tabs and be more thoughtful and selective about what gets my attention. Project de-clutter starts now.