2015 in review



This is definitely one of those better late than never posts. This has been sitting in drafts for quite some time so I thought it was about time to hit publish.

I set a whole bunch of to-dos/resolutions/goals/whatever you wanna call them at the beginning of last year and I was surprised to look back and see that I accomplished most of them! This was a challenging but good year for me. A year for a lot of change and can I say “healing” without sounding too woo-woo? I finally started to feel like me again (not the old me but the NEW mama me, if that makes sense).

I think I’ll set some goals like this again for 2016 because there is definitely some sort of magic to writing them down. First, here is how I did in 2015.

grow a veggie garden – CHECK It was a bit of a fail because I planted it in the shade but there were things growing! – mostly weeds! – but hey, I tried.

lift weights again – HALF CHECK Towards the end of 2015 I finally started lifting some weights again consistently and I’m loving it. I hope to continue that habit into 2016.

decorate our dining area, mud room and guest bedroom – CHECK We finally (after debating for most of the year) decided on a print to buy for our dining room. If that’s all we had accomplished I’d still count this as a win. Decorating is a true test for our marriage. 🙂

double (at least) sales in my etsy shop – FAIL I decided to close up shop so that I can focus on other things. I wasn’t putting in the effort and wasn’t excited about it so I think it’s ok to let it go.

go on family trips (arizona, eastern washington, etc.) – CHECK We had a lot of fun going on trips this year. I especially loved going to Arizona…ahhh sunshine.

explore my creative interests (calligraphy, graphic design, painting, sewing, screen printing – to name a few) – CHECK I took on a small job that leaned heavily on improving my graphic design skills, whipped up some curtains and did a few mini painting challenges. I loved all of it.

take bailey on mini adventures (zoo, swimming, library, etc.) – CHECK We did all of the above plus more. It’s definitely work to get out and do things but our days are so much better for it.

shop the farmer’s markets this summer – FAIL We just didn’t make it there that often.

celebrate my 30th (YIKES) in style – CHECK I went with a group of friends on a mini brewpub crawl and went to a Sounders game.  Laid back and so much fun.

yoga – CHECK I went to hot yoga at least a couple times a month and did a little yoga here and there at home. I still love it and I want to do even more in 2016.

make a 2015 family yearbook – CHECK I finally finished it this month. Again, better late then never!

get outside (the beach! hiking! for walks!) – CHECK CHECK and CHECK. It is so essential for me and my daughter to get outside every day. It keeps us sane. It’s hard to do in Seattle in the winter but we have gear for every type of weather and I’m determined.

swing a kettle bell every day – FAIL hahaha. Yeah that whole thing lasted about a month and a half. I realized that I wasn’t enjoying it and I was tossing in a few swings here and there without warming up just to check off the box which isn’t safe with a heavy kettle bell so I bailed on this one. I’ll find better ways to fit this in.

buy and wear pajamas that don’t feel frumpy – CHECK I got a few pairs of new pajamas which I think is the first time I’ve ever bought real pajamas. I’ve always worn exercise clothes or old tee shirts so it felt really nice to have something specifically for bed. I’m all about pajamas now.


2 thoughts on “2015 in review

  1. amberbusyboldblessed says:

    Great job! Better late than never 🙂 I am the world’s slowest decorator! I feel you on that.

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