my favorite fitness youtubes


I’ve been trying my hardest to fit in exercise and it’s tough but so worth it when I can make it happen. My goal is to do something three days a week. Two days a week my daughter has daycare and the first thing I do after dropping her off is get my booty to the gym for some weights or cardio. The rest of the week I am at home trying to bust something out during nap time or after the bedtime routine. When I’m fitting it in at home I love to have some guidance from someone who knows what they’re doing. Below are my favorite YouTube channels. I get bored easily so I like to switch between them to keep it interesting! Any others that I should check out?

BodyFit by Amy – This is probably my favorite. She has lots of quick workouts that are all really easy to follow. I like that she uses kettlebells and weights to up the difficulty.

Fitness Blender – Tons of videos and I love that there are a lot of targeted workouts for arm, abs, core, etc. They’re also options for longer workouts if you’re in the mood for more.

Neghar Fonooni – Love her style and her workouts are usually no joke.

Yoga with Adriene – I haven’t done a ton of her videos yet but I like that there are lots of foundational yoga tutorials as well as a variety of lengths and yoga for almost anything you could need it for…bedtime, morning, anxiety, productivity, etc.


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