Monthly Archives: April 2017

weekly to-dos

Last week I made myself a big to-do list in Evernote and it really helped me to focus and prioritize my week AND BONUS!, I crossed off a lot of my to-dos! HOORAY! So, I thought I’d do it again here so I can keep myself accountable. Also, I sorta kinda accidentally started a Whole30 which had me thinking about this blog since my first Whole30 was documented here….ahhh, yes, back when I had time for such things. Why not dust off the ol’ blog?


  • Paint nails
  • Mail cards
  • Mail passport paperwork
  • Clean out car
  • Drink a ton of water
  • Meal prep & plan (cancel green chef?) 
  • Email re: driveway
  • OTF class
  • Target returns


  • Cancel square space, green chef and orange theory. Trying to spend less!
  • Buy paper/plastic plates for school
  • Meal prep/grocery shop
  • Mail cards
  • Email re: new driveway (!!!)
  • Target returns –  they are IN THE CAR
  • Cancel Orange Theory – not my jam
  • Barre class – also not my jam but it’s working for me
  • Look into membership at the YMCA
  • Drink more water!
  • Kill the dandelions before they infect the neighbors
  • Finish frame wall around TV
  • Rotate toys/crafts
  • Buy birthday gifts