Monthly Archives: May 2017

weekly to-dos : week of may 1

Here is how I did last week. It was a busy week but I got quite a bit done.

  • Cancel square space, green chef and orange theory. Trying to spend less!
  • Buy paper/plastic plates for school
  • Meal prep/grocery shop
  • Mail cards
  • Email re: new driveway (!!!)
  • Target returns –  they are IN THE CAR
  • Cancel Orange Theory – not my jam (they don’t make it easy to quit!)
  • Barre class – also not my jam but it’s working for me (didn’t make it & really missed it)
  • Look into membership at the YMCA
  • Drink more water!
  • Kill the dandelions before they infect the neighbors  (now to actually dispose of them!)
  • Finish frame wall around TV
  • Rotate toys/crafts
  • Buy birthday gifts

And here are the intentions for this week. We have a few doc appointments this week and plans with friends at least one day so it’s a busy one. There are a lot of to-dos here and I know I won’t get through all of these but this list making is really helping keep me on track and organized.

  • Buy paper plates for preschool
  • Cancel Orange Theory
  • Barre class x 1
  • Finish the frame wall
  • Nordy returns
  • Drink the dang water
  • Meal plan & prep
  • Post whole30 progress?
  • Resched wax appt
  • Buy mother’s day gifts
  • Paint nails – or at least remove what’s there!
  • Tidy office
  • All the laundry
  • Convert crib
  • Make play doh
  • Rotate toys & craft stuff
  • Meditate x 1
  • Send cards
  • Contract sent for new driveway