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Birthday Wish List

I’m turning 32 in less than a month. Woah. Thirty. Two. It feels right but also, wasn’t I just graduating college?

My family has always been big on wish lists. My mom will start asking for a Christmas list at the end of July and I always sort of keep a running list of the things I’m coveting. Here are a few things I’m putting on my birthday wish list this year.

Clogs. I’ve wanted a pair for a few years now.

Pants. I need something comfy but still kinda cute. #momlife

A hike. Maple pass loop. I see you. You’re on my list.

A rain jacket for the fall weather. So necessary.

Cookbooks. (Whole30 Cookbook. The Food Lab.)

A new duffel. I finally tossed my completely loved up Lululemon travel type bag. Time for a replacement.

LaLaLand. Obviously.

Fitbit. So I can enjoy the below.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Because they make me happy!




48 hours in Chicago

Sunday I got back from a very quick trip to Chicago to see one of my best friends from college get married. Here are a few pictures from my trip…


I took a redeye into Chicago which was not ideal. But check out that sunrise reflecting off all the little lakes.


Post red eye breakfast with my bestest was necessary. The rest of the day Friday was dedicated to a nap (see red eye), running a few last minute errands, wine + apps at Purple Pig and the rehearsal dinner.


Saturday before the wedding I woke up eeeearly for some reason and went out for a little walk. Chicago is pretty. The buildings are beautiful. I shall return.


I found an Eataly right near my hotel and it made me so nostalgic for my time studying abroad in Torino, Italia. Doppio macchiato. Si.


Let the wedding prep commence!


All done up. 1,000% more makeup than I usually wear but fun to gussy up once in a while and feel like a lady.


The bride and groom treated the bridal party to a trolley ride through Chicago before the wedding.



I see you Chicago.


My college besties. Love you ladies.

Snapshot: August 2017


August has been for learning to crawl and stand, swim lessons, ballet class, camping, organizing and all the wedding things. It’s been sweaty, sunny, messy and full of activity.

EATING: I’ve been doing a streamlined menu each week which means I have a set type of meal for each day of the week. Sounds boring, I know but, it’s working out pretty well. Recently I added zoodles to our meatball mondays and they were SO good. My husband said he would eat them every day which seems a little extreme to me but I’ll take it as a compliment. Also, popsicles and peaches which have been delicious.

DRINKING: Orange La Croix and Coffee. Every morning I make my coffee with collagen and nutpods creamer. It’s become such a habit now that I can’t do it any other way.

PLANNING: For throwing a wedding shower for my sister and attending a wedding in Chicago this month. Also thinking about Fall and how our schedule will be changing with the start of preschool. I love summer but I’m looking forward to the structure of school during the week and the change of seasons.

WATCHING: Game of Thrones. This has been SUCH a good season so far! Also, Last Week Tonight for a dose of depressingly hilarious current events. I also FINALLY watched La La Land and looooved it.

LISTENING: Awesome with Alison Podcast. It’s so inspiring & fun and I take something away every time I listen. I’ve even started listening to some of the episodes for a second time.

READING: Better Than Before. I felt surprisingly “meh” about this book. Also, Still Life which I’m liking so much that I went out and bought it when I had to return it to the library before finishing it. I also check in on Shutterbean about once a week because I love her posts. It’s one of the few blogs that I continue to read. As you can see from her “Currently” posts, she has been my inspiration for this post!

MOVING: Trying really hard to fit in at least one barre class per week and as many walks as I can.

LITTLE THINGS I’M LOVING: Neutrogena lip stuff. I’m always on the hunt for something that’s moisturizing but with a little color and this is the best I’ve found yet! It even has SPF 20. Mazama mugs. We have two that were Christmas gifts from my husband and they are the mugs that I reach for first every morning.