snapshot: october 2017


October has been for campfires, my sister’s wedding, fall foliage, pumpkins and spooooOOOooky decorations.

EATING: Now that the cooler weather has returned I’m in full on soups and stew mode which is a welcome change. I’ve also been trying the “heritage” varieties of apples that our co-op has been bringing in. They’re all so interesting and delicious.

DRINKING: All the warm beverages. Lately I’m having a hard time drinking plain old cold water. Bring on the tea, coffee, anything to keep my hands warm.

DREAMING: About a surprise trip to the happiest place on earth. I can’t wait to see the magic through a little one’s eyes. We’ve been doing some family hikes on the weekend and it’s the greatest. Fall is perfect for hiking and I want to do more before the weather gets too cold.

WATCHING: OZARK. So good. So creepy. I didn’t want the season to be over. We finally watched Baby Driver and I loved how musically driven it was. Almost like a musical but…not. We also watched Spielberg which was inspiring to learn about where he came from (no formal education in film!) and how he has gotten to where he is. We also started Mindhunter which has been so far so good.

LISTENING: Not listening to very much music lately but I signed us up for Audible and have been listening very slowly to The Book of Joy.

READING: The Ship of Brides (slowly but surely) and A Fatal Grace – the second book in the Armand Gamache series which I am obsessed with. I love the setting of the stories…kind of like a grown up Stars Hallow.

MOVING: I finally signed up for a trial at our YMCA and it’s been really nice so far. The childcare alone is worth it.

MAKING: Drawing for Inktober and sort of working on knitting a blanket…when I remember to.

LITTLE THINGS: Cashew milk ice cream. So yummy minus the stomach aches. New hiking shoes that are super comfy. Washing my face at night!!! Kind of a huge deal for me because I’ve always been terrible at it but the last couple weeks I’ve been washing every night and it makes a HUGE difference in my skin. It makes me feel like such an adult.

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