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finding focus

Big things have happened this year and as a result, I’ve felt kind of off balance and out of routine since about June / July. I’m truly grateful for everything this year has brought but even those wonderful things are change and change can be stressful.  I had a mini meltdown the other day – as you do while pregnant – over all the change recently and just general feeling of being unsettled, unbalanced and unfocused. So, instead of dwelling on how crazy things have been I want to try to start focusing on where I want to be and how I want to feel in my everyday life. I recently ordered the Desire Map which sounds kind of hippy-woo-woo but I’m really looking forward to working through it and am hoping it will help me focus on some goals that are most meaningful for me in the year to come (understanding that it’s about to be one CRAZY upside-down year). I really love the sentiment of setting goals that matter versus setting goals just to cross another thing off my list.

desire map

For the near term, I’ve narrowed down a few focus areas that I can work on here and now. My most immediate goal is to have a happy and healthy pregnancy, delivery and baby so my focus areas are a reflection of that.


22 week bump!

1. Nourishment (food!) – Things have gotten out of hand around here with the holidays! I want to clean it up for me and for the baby. Time to reel it in on the late night ice cream and trips to the candy drawer at work. I’m also following along with Carrots n Cake and doing a food diary for this week to kick things off.


2. Moving (slowly) – I miss my intense sweaty workouts and I’m not sure why but I’ve swung to the complete opposite end of the pendulum and haven’t been doing much of anything the last couple weeks. I want to stay committed to doing something at least 3x/week. My favorites lately include prenatal yoga, barre, walking/jogging or an at home dvd. Ideally, I’d be doing something 5 days a week but yeahhh…let’s start off slow.

3. Meditating – My 30 days of meditation focus was my favorite challenge earlier this year but I’ve only sat down to do it a handful of times since. Time to bring it back.  I think 1x/week would be a good place to start.

4. Journaling – I started a journal just after our wedding and it’s been really therapeutic to get my thoughts out on paper. I want to be doing this more….maybe 1x/week to start?


5. Preparing for labor (eeeeek) – I’ve decided to take the plunge and take the hypnobirthing class offered by my hospital that starts in January. I want to feel as calm and prepared when the time comes and with all the meditation and yoga I’ve done in the past year, this method sounded right to me. It’s all about mentally preparing yourself and trusting your body to do it’s thang.  

6. Sleeeeeep – My pregnant body has been craving those quality ZZZs! I’ve been sleeping pretty comfortably through my pregnancy and am taking the opportunity to get in as much as I can because I know I’ll be kicking myself later if I don’t enjoy it now. This one doesn’t require too much extra effort on my part – sleep has always been a high priority item for me. 

That’s it for now and probably more than enough to keep me on track for the next few months.


wednesday mini goal

I’ve been in this really serious and negative mood lately and I’ve also been in a bit of a exercise slump. I can’t help but notice the connection.  No exercise = no happy endorphin = lazy Danielle = no exercise….and on and on. It’s a vicious cycle! Today I finally rolled myself out of bed and got to the box for my 6 am class and it was SO needed.

To keep this good thing going, I’m setting myself a mini goal as of today that I will make it to three classes (Crossfit or hot yoga) every week for the next four weeks. There is no reason (but probably lots of excuses) that I shouldn’t be able to get there three days of the week! As a reward, I get a better attitude and this little ditty (or something like it):


On a somewhat unrelated note, my sister sent me a link this morning that helped to even further snap me out of the funk.  I am a huge nerd for Arrested Development and I’m so excited that they are bringing the show back for 15 more episodes.  Here are a few of my favorites from 37 Signs You Might be Buster Bluth…

grilled cheese mexican sun


Oh Buster. You’re my favorite.

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challenge OD


Due to some stress related health issues and an out of whack work-life balance this month, I’m throwing in the towel on my April challenge. I started these challenges wanting to do what is best for my well-being. To me, that means listening to my body and knowing when enough is enough. Maybe I’ll reevaluate in May and maybe it will still be too much. Either way I’ll have a new challenge next month and hopefully, a better balance. I’ve determined that it is indeed possible to OD on personal growth!

This doesn’t mean I’m giving up on being active (I actually PR’d in a 5k yesterday!), it just means I’m taking the pressure off. I love being active but I do it because I love it and, planning a week of workouts that I HAVE to do takes some of the fun away. Life should be fun and exercise should be fun.

boston magnuson



challenge accepted: april

Holy cow. How is it April already?

Also, random note but, do you know what I think is really annoying? Facebook April Fools jokes. They don’t count in my book.

Anyways, now that we’re on to a new month it’s time for a new challenge. I’ve decided April will be a month of sweating every. single. day. Inspired by this lady who challenged herself to sweat once a day for a YEAR! Amazing.

This is what my body needs this month. I’ve become increasingly wishy-washy with my workouts and I can feel it. I get stressed too easily and when I do make it to crossfit, I’m not doing the best I could if I were more consistent. So there it is. Sweat once a day for the next month. I’m including things like long walks because I certainly don’t think I should be going all out for 30 days – that’s a recipe for injury. Here is what my first sweaty week has looked like so far…

MONDAY: (after work) kicked a soccer ball around – 40mins

TUESDAY: (6am) hot power yoga with my Mom – 60mins

WEDNESDAY: (after work) walk – 30mins

THURSDAY: (6am) Crossfit – open workout 13.5 – ugh. – 45mins (including warmup/mobility)

these ones are on my to-do list still…

FRIDAY(lunch time) walk – 30mins & (after work) yoga DVD – 40mins

SATURDAY: (8am) 5k run – TBD

no regrets

And here is next weeks plan (which I intend to be a very flexible plan depending on how my body feels/how lazy I am)…

SUNDAY: (8am) hot hatha class – 60mins

MONDAY: (6am) crossfit – 60mins

TUESDAY: (after work) walk – 30mins

WEDNESDAY: (6am) crossfit – 60mins

THURSDAY: (6am) hot power yoga – 60mins

FRIDAY: (6am) crossfit – 60mins

SATURDAY: (tbd) walk/yoga/hike – tbd

That kind of gives an idea of the types of things I plan to do. Here I am….casual Friday wearing my new kicks to work so I can walk on my lunch. 🙂 Happy weekend!