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sugar detox: complete


I finished my sugar detox last month so this post is a few weeks late but I thought it was still worth writing. I have a couple weeks of being back to regular which has been tough but good. At the end of the detox I was feeling pretty awesome – clear skin, lots of energy, yada yada. Cooking and planning was feeling like no big deal. It was great but, reality is that I can’t and shouldn’t eat that strictly all the time. I would make myself and everyone around me crazy.

Coming off the detox, I had a rough landing. I definitely indulged in some things that I wouldn’t have typically eaten pre-detox and this is where I struggle with doing these eating challenges. I do really well with guidelines and restrictions but coming back to the real world where I have to put on the big girl pants and make decisions for myself is hard. So there was a lot of pizza and a burger (WITH the bun!) and way too many desserts BUT I think I’m sort of leveling out and coming back around to my normal way of balancing. Going off plan and eating those things seems to be a necessary evil for me. It’s a big reminder of why I shouldn’t have a lot of those things to begin with. I honestly don’t know if I will do another one of these – I think I might have said the same thing last time too – but, I’m glad I did it because doing these things gets me all excited about meal planning and new recipes and reminds me of how awesome I feel when I eat mainly whole foods.

A few other lessons I learned…

Detoxing made me realize how much sugar I had let sneak in. The totally lack of energy the first week made me see how dependent my system had become on it. It was ROUGH.

I sort of knew this but, I LOVE meal planning. Such a mundane thing to enjoy but I really really enjoy sitting down every week and picking out recipes.

We spend more money eating well. I know it’s possible to cut corners here and there but the unfortunate reality is that quality food costs more money than crap food. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely eat well on a budget but food that is raised and grown well is more expensive.

A little bit of prep goes a long way. I tried to prep a condiment, a breakfast and a snack each week and it made such a big difference.

I need lots of healthy fats and carbs. I always knew those things were important on a paleo diet but I think I finally put it together. Not enough fats/carbs at breakfast and lunch means I get really snacky in the afternoon and start shoveling all the carbs and sugar in sight.

I still enjoy having an apple or a little something sweet after dinner and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I don’t ever want to completely vilify sugar.

Dishes are the worst. Period.

There you have it. Done and done.

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moderation to me

With the 21 Day Sugar Detox coming to a close I’ve been thinking a lot about what my post detox plan will be. How can I avoid eating ALL. THE. THINGS?? I love to eat and I grew up with little to no restrictions on what I could have so I struggle with how much I really want to limit myself. At the same time, I’ve become very aware of what works for my body and what makes me feel like crap. I don’t necessarily have any allergic reactions to anything so in a sense I’m very lucky in that I can choose to have some bread or treats here and there with little to no effect. I know that isn’t the case for everyone. So here are my strategies and how I think about moderation and balance when it comes to food. Big changes happen one day at a time, one meal at a time or even, in my mind, one burger bun at a time. 🙂



Meals at home are my home base and what I fall back on. We eat at home most weekdays and for those meals we are generally paleo. Meats or fish and veggies and sometimes rice for dinner. Eggs for breakfast. Sometimes I buy Ezekiel bread because toast + avocado = heaven. No soda but a glass of wine or pint of beer. Something that I’d like to change is to make most treats or desserts at home and to not have ice cream nearly as often as I had in the past (like every night). I’m also not going to beat myself up if I grab a doughnut on the weekend. My yoga spot is right next door to a doughnut spot soooo….yeah. I think overall, keeping those meals at home as straightforward as possible goes a long way in giving me flexibility when I’m not at home.


Eating out or having family over is usually where I veer off plan. When I do eat out I try to balance and make little choices that will add up over time. I’ll order burgers without the bun but gorge out on fries. I’ll go for the tortilla chips but try to avoid the crackers. I’ll go for Thai food but aim to get at least one all veggie dish. I’ll stop at a couple slices of pizza but also have a large salad. Those little choices leave me feeling like I’m getting a treat while not going all in and feeling crappy.

So there it is. Actually pretty simple and hopefully pretty easy to stick to come Monday when I’m done and all bets are off. 🙂

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21dsd week three


Favorite recipe: Chicken strips – we couldn’t stop eating them!

Least favorite recipe: Buffalo chicken egg muffins – again, only because I didn’t get around to making them.

Naps taken: 0!

Favorite snack: Green apple + coconut butter + almond butter.

Food I forgot I loved: Guacamole – this guacamole.

Biggest temptation: A bowl full of M&Ms during our football watching gathering (GO HAWKS!). They were staring at me all afternoon.

Steps: 38,513

Prepped for week three: Beef bone broth and prosciutto & greens egg bake.


Week two was MUCH better than week one. I wouldn’t say that I had an abundance of energy but I was much less tired considering the early a.m. feedings. Good new though *KNOCK ON WOOD* I think we’re turning the corner on sleep! I’m not going to say much because I don’t want to jinx it. Anyways, my skin is so much clearer (and glow-ey) and I’ve definitely lost some bloat and possibly some weight which wasn’t really a goal of mine. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight due to breastfeeding already. The cravings for something sweet in the evenings are still there but I think it’s more out of habit than anything and easily overcome with a few apple slices. Maybe that will never go away? If so, I can live with that.

I did have a couple little slips which are SO SO minor that I feel silly even writing about. 1. Made a giant batch of Texas red chili (with beer in it!) and had to have a bowl that night. 2. Ate out Sunday Morning and ordered a scramble that was covered in some sort of questionable sauce – probably some sugar in there and probably cooked in a not so healthy oil. Also, ate a few bites of potato home fries. I’ve moved on.

I can’t believe this is almost over! Five days to go and they are going to fly by. I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal balance. I’ve been thinking about the idea of “normal” and “moderation” a lot lately and I think I’ll write something separate about what that looks like for me. When I did my first Whole30 I sort of ate ALL THE THINGS once it was over and I’d like to not do that this time around.

Here’s the meal plan. I’m losing my desire to put a ton of effort into complicated recipes so this week is lots of leftovers, roasted veggies and meat from the freezer:

Note: All lunches are typically some form of leftovers from the day before. Every once in a while I’ll cook up a hot dog or have some deli meat instead but I thought it didn’t really need listing.


B: Ate out – southwest chicken scramble + potatoes

D: Tuna salad over greens + sweet potato


B: Two eggs + avocado + coffee

D: Smashed chicken + roasted broccoli + sweet potato fries


B: Prosciutto & greens egg bake + avocado + decaf

D: Smoked brisket (freezer) + savory muffins + roasted brussels sprouts


B: Prosciutto & greens egg bake + avocado + decaf

D: Leftovers or Chipotle


B: Prosciutto & greens egg bake + avocado + decaf

D: Flank steak + green salad + sweet potato fries


B: Fried eggs + avocado

D: Carrot-apple turkey breakfast hash + fried eggs


B: Leftover breakfast hash + eggs

D: Bacon jalapeno burger balls + roasted veggie / salad / whatever is left!

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21dsd week two


Favorite recipe: Banana Vanilla Bean N’oatmeal – so tasty and surprisingly filling.

Least favorite recipe: Cauliflower soup – only because I went the lazy route and just roasted it instead.

Naps taken: 8

Sweet potato fries consumed: aprox. 152

Favorite snack: Sunbutter truffles

Food I forgot I loved: GRAPEFRUIT!

Steps: 44,150

Prepped for week two: Chili Garlic Paste and my take on a Carrot Sausage Hash

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Phew. I’m so glad that week is over! I felt decent mood-wise but so so tired. I think partially because my wee one still isn’t sleeping through the night and partially because of the detox. I almost had a weak moment involving nachos. Add a sugar detox to sleep deprivation and things get weird. I’m optimistic about week two though. My energy is increasing and I’m not putting frozen food away in the pantry anymore so that’s a good sign. I think this next week will be easier. Here’s the plan:

Note: All lunches are typically some form of leftovers from the day before. Every once in a while I’ll cook up a hot dog or have some deli meat instead but I thought it didn’t really need listing.


B: Last of my Banana Vanilla N’oatmeal

D: Spicy flank steak + spicy slaw + sweet potato fries


B: Carrot sausage hash + two eggs + decaf

D: Burgers +  sauteed onions + roasted butternut squash, apples and pecans


B: Carrot sausage hash + two eggs + decaf

D: Cod + roasted brussels sprouts


B: Carrot sausage hash + two eggs + decaf

D: Leftovers or Chipotle


B: Buffalo chicken egg muffins

D: Turkey meatballs + delicata squash


B: Buffalo chicken egg muffins

D: Chicken strips + cumin roasted carrots


B: Buffalo chicken egg muffins

D: Chicken satay + green salad

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