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sugar detox: complete


I finished my sugar detox last month so this post is a few weeks late but I thought it was still worth writing. I have a couple weeks of being back to regular which has been tough but good. At the end of the detox I was feeling pretty awesome – clear skin, lots of energy, yada yada. Cooking and planning was feeling like no big deal. It was great but, reality is that I can’t and shouldn’t eat that strictly all the time. I would make myself and everyone around me crazy.

Coming off the detox, I had a rough landing. I definitely indulged in some things that I wouldn’t have typically eaten pre-detox and this is where I struggle with doing these eating challenges. I do really well with guidelines and restrictions but coming back to the real world where I have to put on the big girl pants and make decisions for myself is hard. So there was a lot of pizza and a burger (WITH the bun!) and way too many desserts BUT I think I’m sort of leveling out and coming back around to my normal way of balancing. Going off plan and eating those things seems to be a necessary evil for me. It’s a big reminder of why I shouldn’t have a lot of those things to begin with. I honestly don’t know if I will do another one of these – I think I might have said the same thing last time too – but, I’m glad I did it because doing these things gets me all excited about meal planning and new recipes and reminds me of how awesome I feel when I eat mainly whole foods.

A few other lessons I learned…

Detoxing made me realize how much sugar I had let sneak in. The totally lack of energy the first week made me see how dependent my system had become on it. It was ROUGH.

I sort of knew this but, I LOVE meal planning. Such a mundane thing to enjoy but I really really enjoy sitting down every week and picking out recipes.

We spend more money eating well. I know it’s possible to cut corners here and there but the unfortunate reality is that quality food costs more money than crap food. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely eat well on a budget but food that is raised and grown well is more expensive.

A little bit of prep goes a long way. I tried to prep a condiment, a breakfast and a snack each week and it made such a big difference.

I need lots of healthy fats and carbs. I always knew those things were important on a paleo diet but I think I finally put it together. Not enough fats/carbs at breakfast and lunch means I get really snacky in the afternoon and start shoveling all the carbs and sugar in sight.

I still enjoy having an apple or a little something sweet after dinner and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I don’t ever want to completely vilify sugar.

Dishes are the worst. Period.

There you have it. Done and done.

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after action report – digital detox

Today marks the end of 30 days of no social media which included no Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. While I wasn’t 100% compliant, I drastically decreased the amount of time that I spent wasted looking for some sort of instant gratification that just isn’t there. I’m not going to spend a ton of time recapping on this one because I think my update earlier this month pretty much sums it up. My plan for the future is to use it as a tool rather than a form of entertainment – at least Facebook and Pinterest. Instagram isn’t something that I can say I legitimately need in my life but it’s just so dang fun so I don’t think I’ll be quitting it but, maybe checking it less often. I had to add this cartoon because I think it’s so true about Smartphones.


A few ways that I plan to streamline my social media and technology usage are:

  • To always put my phone in the glove compartment while driving (should have been doing this a long time ago)
  • Not doing the default grab for the phone in a crowded elevator and talking to someone instead
  • Using stay focused to limit my social media and other goofing off at work
  • No watching TV and web surfing at the same time
  • Take a hard look at the friends I have on Facebook and slim it down
  • Just be thoughtful about unplugging more often and really focusing on what is happening around me
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after action report – creative30

I started writing this post by talking about how I’ve failed my creative30 challenge. And in some ways, I have… I didn’t consciously set aside time every single day to work on something specific. My list of projects that I had hoped to accomplish isn’t looking any shorter. BUT I do think that I’ve brought creativity into my life in other ways this month. Through my day job, through little things like doodles in my planner and through some special side projects that I’ve been working on (including planning our wedding!). I’m calling it a success – yep, success through just making an effort. I’ve been thinking more creatively this month and although I don’t have a long list of crossed out projects to show for it at least I’ve gained the right mindset and the spark of more creative things to come.

Here is a snapshot of some of my projects as well as just life in general…it’s been a blast planning our wedding but also incredibly exhausting and time consuming – hence my lack of posting.

xfittees blue sky pho snow swatch tux wine

top to bottom: a fun custom crossfit tee project // gorgeous blue sky day (it does exist!!) // pho makings (to help soothe a pesky cold) // a powder filled (and really windy!) birthday trip to the pass // bridesmaid dress fabric swatches // tux shopping // blind wine tasting prep

after action report – meditation


Today is the last day of my 30-day meditation challenge. To summarize my experience, I’ve pulled together an “after action report”.

What went well?

Being that I’m brand new to meditation, this was the most I have ever meditated. What went well is that I gave it a try. I probably spent around 8 hours meditating this month and I think it was time well spent. I enjoyed taking that time to quiet my mind every day.

Some of my meditations were really great experiences and I felt a sense of calm afterwards but some were just “meh” and kind of frustrating.

I would highly recommend the Headspace program to anyone interested in trying meditation. It was extremely helpful in giving me a simple structure to work with and I plan to continue using it in the future.


I wish I had more huge revelation to share but I don’t and I’m ok with that.

What could have gone better?

I did miss two days of meditation. I was sad that I missed those days and I don’t really have a good excuse for why I missed them but it happened and I’m owning up to it.

I wish that my practice had been more regular. I never established a consistent time of day or place to practice (it’s hard to do so while sharing a small space with another person). In a chair, on a pillow next to my bed, in the living room – I was all over the place. Maybe in the future I’ll set up a meditation corner for myself.

What I’ll do in the future, to keep doing better.

I won’t hold expectations for my meditation. Below is my list of things that I was hoping to get out of completing this challenge and I can’t definitively say that I’ve achieved any of them. That just might be my big takeaway…don’t approach meditation with a bunch of expectations.

  • A overall feeling of calm
  • Better focus on the task at hand – less multi-tasking!
  • More empathy and acceptance for those around me
  • A greater sense of gratitude and contentment

I’ll continue meditating but probably not every day. I see myself returning to it when I’m feeling stressed/overwhelmed and I will add mini meditations into my every day but I probably won’t be sitting down for the full 20 minutes every day. Overall, I’m really content with my meditation challenge and I’m looking forward to incorporating what I’ve learned in little ways.