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schlepping it


Now that I’m living further from work, my commute has increased in length (20-30 mins vs. the new and not improved 40-60 mins). I’m sort of starting to dread it already and I’m only a few weeks in! To make my commute less dreadful I’m working on easing myself into a new schedule to go with the new commute. Before the move, I could get my sweat on at crossfit or hot yoga and go home and take my sweet time getting ready but I don’t have all that spare time anymore.

The new plan is to workout on my way to work (hot yoga and crossfit are both about half way between home and work) as a strategy to break up the commute a bit. Plus traffic is not as bad in the wee hours of the morning. I was telling a friend recently about the plan to work out on the way to work and she said she was envisioning me doing crunches in my car. Haha! If only I could multi task like that….if. only. Luckily I have a gym and locker room at work where I can shower and get ready for the day so that will be a huge part of the reason that I’m able to do this. Here are a few things that I plan to do in order to make this work.

1\\ Pack a gym / shower bag. 

To include:

Nuun, Larabars, other emergency snacks.

All the necessary get clean stuff…shampoo, conditioner, facewash, etc.

Makeup. Brush. All my “get ready” girly stuff.

Flippy floppies.

2\\ Make a workout schedule – and stick to it!

I’ve been half-assing this lately and I finally need to suck it up and get back in the swing of things. I think it will look something like this:

mon : rest \ tues : crossfit \ weds: sprints or run \ thurs : hot yoga \ fri : crossfit

sat: hike or something fun \ sun: walk

3\\ Make to-go breakfasts.

morning glory muffins

hard boiled eggs


4\\ Pick out my outfit for the next day. 

UGH. This is hard for me. I’m terrible at getting myself dressed because I usually try on at least 4 different outfits before I leave the house. PLUS I’m deathly afraid that I’ll forget something important – like underwear.

We will see how this goes – I’m hopeful it’s a strategy that I can maintain. I’ve already tried it out a couple of times and it worked pretty well but I’m worried about the extra effort this takes the night before and whether or not I’ll be able to keep it up. Hopefully it gets easier the more I do it.


challenge accepted: JUNE

Holy crap. JUNE?! Already?

I probably say that every month but as our wedding gets closer and closer it’s a little shocking each time I flip the page on my calendar. Yikes. Less than eight weeks to go!

We moved into our new (old) house this past weekend and it was a success. Horaay! We shared some bubbly to celebrate.


This week is going to be busy with unpacking and adjusting to a new commute which probably will mean a rearranged schedule. I’ve been consulting this little map to try to better time my commute. It’s not pretty. *&*%$grumble*&^


I think I’m going to try to get back into my morning Crossfit schedule and then shower and get ready at work to avoid the unpredictable slog through traffic in the morning. We’ll see how it goes. Wednesday is my first trial so wish me luck.


For my June challenge, I’ve been struggling trying to come up with something that takes commitments off of my plate rather than adding to it but I didn’t come up with anything good. In an effort to keep the challenge light and simple, I’ve decided flossing every day would be a good activity for this month. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It takes only a few minutes and I don’t have a ton of time to commit.
  • I’ve never been a very committed flosser but I’d like to get in the habit.
  • Teeth and oral health are directly linked to overall health.
  • I’ve had a ton of cavities in my lifetime and this means flossing and gum health are even more critical.
  • I want a sparkly smile for our wedding.
  • I have a dentist appointment at the end of the month and I’m a suck up.
  • Fergie seems to think it’s glamorous – get it? flossy, flossy….heh. 🙂

Now to go stock up on some floss.

wednesday mini goal

I’ve been in this really serious and negative mood lately and I’ve also been in a bit of a exercise slump. I can’t help but notice the connection.  No exercise = no happy endorphin = lazy Danielle = no exercise….and on and on. It’s a vicious cycle! Today I finally rolled myself out of bed and got to the box for my 6 am class and it was SO needed.

To keep this good thing going, I’m setting myself a mini goal as of today that I will make it to three classes (Crossfit or hot yoga) every week for the next four weeks. There is no reason (but probably lots of excuses) that I shouldn’t be able to get there three days of the week! As a reward, I get a better attitude and this little ditty (or something like it):


On a somewhat unrelated note, my sister sent me a link this morning that helped to even further snap me out of the funk.  I am a huge nerd for Arrested Development and I’m so excited that they are bringing the show back for 15 more episodes.  Here are a few of my favorites from 37 Signs You Might be Buster Bluth…

grilled cheese mexican sun


Oh Buster. You’re my favorite.

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challenge accepted: april

Holy cow. How is it April already?

Also, random note but, do you know what I think is really annoying? Facebook April Fools jokes. They don’t count in my book.

Anyways, now that we’re on to a new month it’s time for a new challenge. I’ve decided April will be a month of sweating every. single. day. Inspired by this lady who challenged herself to sweat once a day for a YEAR! Amazing.

This is what my body needs this month. I’ve become increasingly wishy-washy with my workouts and I can feel it. I get stressed too easily and when I do make it to crossfit, I’m not doing the best I could if I were more consistent. So there it is. Sweat once a day for the next month. I’m including things like long walks because I certainly don’t think I should be going all out for 30 days – that’s a recipe for injury. Here is what my first sweaty week has looked like so far…

MONDAY: (after work) kicked a soccer ball around – 40mins

TUESDAY: (6am) hot power yoga with my Mom – 60mins

WEDNESDAY: (after work) walk – 30mins

THURSDAY: (6am) Crossfit – open workout 13.5 – ugh. – 45mins (including warmup/mobility)

these ones are on my to-do list still…

FRIDAY(lunch time) walk – 30mins & (after work) yoga DVD – 40mins

SATURDAY: (8am) 5k run – TBD

no regrets

And here is next weeks plan (which I intend to be a very flexible plan depending on how my body feels/how lazy I am)…

SUNDAY: (8am) hot hatha class – 60mins

MONDAY: (6am) crossfit – 60mins

TUESDAY: (after work) walk – 30mins

WEDNESDAY: (6am) crossfit – 60mins

THURSDAY: (6am) hot power yoga – 60mins

FRIDAY: (6am) crossfit – 60mins

SATURDAY: (tbd) walk/yoga/hike – tbd

That kind of gives an idea of the types of things I plan to do. Here I am….casual Friday wearing my new kicks to work so I can walk on my lunch. 🙂 Happy weekend!